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    Default ...and the search continues

    Now, before people start throwing previous thread links at me, I want to assure all that I have looked in the back catalog before posting this.

    I am looking for a scent that best resembles Pumpkin Spice. This scent is such a comfort that having something of that nature wafting about me would be wonderful. That being said, I am not looking to smear pumpkin spice syrup concentrate behind my ears. I want something that has the general feel. I've tried many of the suggestions mentioned in previous threads but would like to know if anyone has made any new discoveries in the past year that pertain to this topic. I can't seem to find a match!

    Scents that have come close but have ultimately failed to satisfy are:

    MPG Secret Melange
    Burberry London for Men
    Serge Lutens Arabie
    Dyptique's Eau D'Elide (something about the orange and spices that screams harvest)

    IF someone could help me brainstorm on some additional scents to target I would be very appreciative.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: ...and the search continues

    I recently sampled Catalyst by Halston. I think it may be close to what you are looking for. Some say it smells like
    potpourri or ham glaze. Basically, it contains nugmeg, cinnamon, and bay leaf, and that is about all you get for most of
    it. It's still quite cheap, so I'd highly recommend seeking this one out. At least it's not niche, and I believe it fits the bill better than Burberry London anyway.

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    Default Re: ...and the search continues

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the rec. I've owned Catalyst and though I found it to be quite an excellent fragrance and it possessed a solid nutmeg base that could be considered akin to pumpkin spice/pumpkin pie, it still wasn't quite what I was looking for to fill this void. Thanks for the solid suggestion though.


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    Default Re: ...and the search continues

    Maybe Alchimie by Rochas?

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    Default Re: ...and the search continues

    Sorry that Catalyst didn't fulfill that pumpkin void for you. Maybe lacking in the ginger department. I say if you like ginger, you need to check out Ted Baker Endurance.

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