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    Default Polo and Polo Modern Reserve.

    Can someone describe these fragrances? I have never tested them. I like elegant masculine classical fragrances like Bois du Portugal, Equipage, Bel Ami, Michael for men, and Gucci Pour Homme. But I do not like the classics that smells dated and cheap, like Paco Rabanne pour homme and Givenchy Gentleman. Could Polo and Polo Modern Reserve be something for me? What aboute the sillage/longevity?

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    Default Re: Polo and Polo Modern Reserve.

    I think Polo does indeed smell dated. That said I would wear Polo Reserve today. It it similar to Polo, just more subdued. Not as loud. I think they should have named it Polo Modern Subdue.
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    Default Re: Polo and Polo Modern Reserve.

    Polo is dated but could smell nice on the right person. My dislike for it now compared to my youth is the harsh opening of tobacco. Kind of ash tray like. Modern Reserve takes out the harshness and makes the original more green with a similar drydown. You can easily wear MR now. I like it a lot.
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    Default Re: Polo and Polo Modern Reserve.

    Polo is a wonderful fragrance. Polo Modern Reserve is a pale shadow of the original, but in line with the current quality (or lack therof) of fragrances by Ralph Lauren.
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    Default Re: Polo and Polo Modern Reserve.

    Polo Is a wonderful fragrance and smells very nice on the right person.....This does not work well on me.....Polo Modern Reserve is way better on my skin!!!

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