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    Default shalimar new bottle.... less concentration ?

    hello to u all.

    i have sene today shalimar edp in a new bottle that looks like the old shalimar perfume bottle.
    i noticed that it was less lemoney and also bit weaker.

    of course if u own shalimar edt, edp and perfume from different era's then u know that guerlain did formulations.
    and of course after reading abut that on BN.

    the SA said it was impossible... well i dotn buy that.

    what is your experience guys ??

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    Default Re: shalimar new bottle.... less concentration ?

    The new EDP smells just the same to me... after the initial topnotes have subsided. I found the opening spritzes a liiiiittle different. But nothing enough to kick up a fuss over. Its still divine!

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    Default Re: shalimar new bottle.... less concentration ?

    I tried the EdP in the new bottle and found it even better than a few months, above all the topnotes: the bergamot was more natural and sparkling, the civet note was clearer and more intense
    I've got the impression that also other classics have been "lifted-up" raw materials (natural or substitutes) and new in-house perfumer (I read somewhere that T.Wasser had needed to make his own formula to get the Guerlain thing)

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    Default Re: shalimar new bottle.... less concentration ?

    well, I can't comment on if it has changed or not. But I will say that I wouldn't believe anything about that topic a SA says. They may either simply not have been told, or if they knew probably wouldn't tell you. The fact that you and I are even aware reformulations happen is sort of a rare piece of knowledge. The average person probably isn't aware.
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    Default Re: shalimar new bottle.... less concentration ?


    same here about top notes.
    but after that it is almost the same except i experienced the new one as a little bit weaker somehow.

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