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    Default blue color nail polish

    hey Have you ever tried blue color nail polish? how do you like that?
    i tried it today and every one was so excited about that

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I have not, but I have been tempted to once or twice.

    Congrats for your experiment.

    I think some people look great with it, but I have seem some instances of 'offbeat' nail color that struck me as odd.

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    lol go for it... it will suit you if its YOu in the display pic

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I love it. Essie is my brand of choice and they do Aruba Blue which a fab metalic sapphire blue. Also in a cream Lapis of Luxury a cornflower shade.

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I love blues. I have worn and been complimented on a light silvery blue, but I didn't like a dark navy I tried once. They told me on the MUA board that that was because I wasn't used to seeing very dark polish on my nails. There are so many beautiful blues to choose from now. I think there's a blue (or several) for everyone - light to dark, warm to cold shades - you just have to experiment a little to find the one that pleases you. I also like the Essie brand very much. And OPI.

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    Thanks for sharing your views lilly i am sure this will be helpful for many.

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    Blue is my favorite color for anything, so of course, I love blue nail polish! Like lilybelle says, there are lots of pretty blues out there. If you are shy about trying it on your fingernails, try it first on your toenails!
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I like seeing them in the bottle because there are lots of pretty shades of blue, but I haven't bought one yet. I am tempted to buy one of the dark navy ones. I think I could pull that off since I occasionally wear those dark, near black colors. The more fun and vibrant ones would be out of place at work.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    Ibiza by Zoya gets my vote
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I adore Chanel No 513 Black Pearl, almost two years after the big hype for it. Not pure blue, a little green too, and very dark. Works well with most colours, even pure blue and pure green.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I cannot say that blue is my preferred color for my nails, but I like to wear it now and then. My favorites so far are Chanel Blue Satin and Butter London Big Smoke.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    My favourite blue for now is Aqua Cool by Rimmel. It's a medium-light bluebell tint.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I've worn one of the OPI blue nail polishes - very lovely.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I look terrible in blue nail polish, though I admire it on others.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    Love It! Have a tropical iridescent old Nars color and Lippmann collection Stormy Weather which is a blue grey.

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    The only blue nail polish I have is Blue boy Chanel polish. It looks great on short and slightly squared nails.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I have a lot of blue undertone in my skin, so the really dark blues look sickly and moldy on me. I did my nails dark blue once (to please my younger cousin who wanted me to be triendier) and I couldn't wait to get it off. It was her polish, too. The more aqua and turqouise-y blues don't feel as though I'm looking at someone else's hands and look OK.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I am (still) loving pale blues and aquas. There are so many to choose from! I still don't like the very dark polishes against my skin. I just find them harsh looking, though I have admired them on other people's hands.

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I bought some different blues recently.

    OPI I Don't Give A Rotherdam! which is a steel blue
    Essie Beach Bum Blu a wonderful metallic mid blue
    Trophy Wife which is teal blue.

    One of my all times favs Essie Aruba Blue

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    A beautiful deep steel blue (I think it was from MAC and called "jet", something cool like that - years ago). It was gifted to a younger co-worker, who admired it.

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    Here is my latest love...

    OPI I Vant to be a Lone Star...

    I posted this on the manicure of the day thread, but I should have posted it here. It is such a beautifully pale, luminous, almost but not quite shimmery/opalescent blue. I'm wearing it on my toes, and it is such a happy making color. I am so particular about color gradations. The difference, for me, between perfection and so not right is narrow. What if I had to choose wall paint colors! Anyway, this is the PERFECT pale blue.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I have this color and I wear it rarely and only when I'm tanned.
    My favorites are nudes and pinks, blue is too extravagant for my taste.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    I have Kristen by Zoya on my nails currently it's a lovely and really pretty pale blue, with grey undertones in some lighting. I thought it was really pretty and summery, have been wearing it since Sunday I want to say, though I may change it out for a pink tomorrow, or keep it for a little longer.
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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    There's a lot of us who enjoy blue nail polish, green too. The thread is
    "You smell like sunshine and happiness."

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    Blue nail polish is a "sometimes"-thing for me, but when I do it, it is Essies Lapis of luxury (see picture to right below) or a deep navy, almost black, from Maybelline or L'Oreal. This summer I've been loving 'French riviera' by L'Oreal as well.

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    Default Re: blue color nail polish

    Wandering my nearest Boots on Thursday they had many polishes down to 20-50p. I bought Revlon Dreamer 401 for 50p, its a dusty cornflower blue.

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