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    Default Applying different scented things

    So I was in The Body Shop today and despite my ongoing philosophical differences with them I picked up a few products.

    Most of them are scented. It got me thinking about how to apply and when to apply different products. And the issue of mixing and matching different scents.

    How much does deodorant impact the scent of an EDT? Should you where a matching deodorant or can you get away with something different. I guess this questions is the same for shower gels, etc.

    How do the Basenotes veterans handle this as an issue?

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    Default Re: Applying different scented things

    I just avoid the whole issue with unscented or lightly scented deodorants, soaps (like Ivory), lotions, and laundry products. If I want a scent, I want to choose it myself rather than being a cacaphony of "Fresh" deodorant, "Clean" lotion, "Sport" soap, and "Mango Tango" scented clothes (no offense to Gain lovers out there).
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    Default Re: Applying different scented things

    I always use unscented or very lightly scented deodorants. I don't want to my deodorant to tickle my nostrils when what I want to smell is my perfume.

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    Default Re: Applying different scented things

    I really never found it to be an issue because most shower gels, lotions, shampoos and antiperspirants are only lightly scented to begin with.

    I do have several body cream that are more highly scented but I bought those to pair with a particular matching perfume.

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