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    Default Fumerie Turque made me feel like fall is here

    It's been a good summer, fragrance wise. I usually have trouble with fragrances in the summer, just finding something that fits comfortably. But somehow, this summer I lightened up. I bought Lanvin L'Homme Sport, for gods sake, and wore the heck out of it. Erolfa and GIT did me well also. I found Un Jardin sur le Nil cheap online, and that was a welcome addition for spring. And I rediscovered my enjoyment for L'Artisan's Thé Pour un Été and Diptyque's L'Ombre dans L'Eau, two very different takes on summer gardens.
    But it's been getting cooler and wetter here in the northwest, and yesterday was the sort of wet, cool day that all Portlander's associate with the start of the school year and the end of summer. Time to pull out that box of fall fragrances. It might have been overkill, but Fumerie Turque seemed to fit the bill yesterday, and it was perfect. Roses, ambers, tobacco leaves, honey and leather. I know Chergui gets all the good press, and its a fine fragrance, but I just feel like FT is like Chergui's butch cousin or something. I love its complexity and weightiness. Its the complete opposite of what I have been wearing all summer.
    It's weird when you don't wear a fragrance for a while. It's strange the specific memories that come up. I kept having all these random associations with winter all day - just these little snippets of memories from last winter and fall.
    Of course, this being the Northwest, the weather pulled a 180 today and it was beautiful and warm. Which is fine. Lanvin L'Homme Sport again. But tonight I am sitting here going through this box of fall fragrances, and loving it. No one really hopes for the rain to start in Portland, but I can deal with it a little better just because I like the fall and winter fragrances so much.
    Sorry to ramble. Just had to share.
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    Default Re: Fumerie Turque made me feel like fall is here

    I have been wearing Fumerie Turque since Thursday night!
    It's been an autumn & winter favourite since it was launched and an old alpaca sweater and one of my Russian shawls is almost saturated with it...
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    Default Re: Fumerie Turque made me feel like fall is here

    ive been thinking about getting this one.... might have to try it, but how good is it really? where does it rank amongst your collections?

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    Default Re: Fumerie Turque made me feel like fall is here

    Yesterday, I've been wearing FM myself. So far, it really is one of the best fall/winter-fragrances for feeling comfortable at home.
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    Default Re: Fumerie Turque made me feel like fall is here

    FT is my number one fragrance, I've had three bottles of this, and it never fails to get me compliments.

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