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    Default The Two-Week Manicure

    Has anyone tried these? It's a miracle. It's only twice as much as a typical manicure, but it basically lasts until it's removed. A lighter color can go a month. It won't chip washing dishes or gardening or anything~ Darker shades require more frequent redoes because of the grow-out line.

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    Default Re: The Two-Week Manicure

    A colleague of mine had one of these gel manis, and it really is incredible. Her nails looked perfect day after day after day, like they were freshly painted. Amazing.

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    Default Re: The Two-Week Manicure

    My sister had it done and her nails looked great! They were super-shiny and no chips at all. I'm concerned about the removal process because I've read about some people having some problems with it and my nails aren't very strong. Also, does anyone know whether a UV light is needed?
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    Sounds intriguing! I can't get a manicure to last more than 2 days, not that it chips, but the polish wears off the tips and they grow very fast.

    I read about the increase in skin cancer on the hands due to the UV lights used in manicures, you definitely need to consider sunscreen if you get regular manicures using the UV light.
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