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    Default Sweet chocolate notes in A-Men

    yeah my nose can't really pick them up at all. I can kinda see where people could smell that but on my skin it smells like patchouli with a faint bit of chocolate thrown in. I have even had someone mention smelling patchouli when I was wearing the stuff.

    Just curious if anyone else got the same vibe from this fragrance because I never really seen this mentioned by anyone before.

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    Default Re: Sweet chocolate notes in A-Men

    Give it many wearings and months of use, youll eventually pick up on it. Check out a review I did, its a forum post. search "A*Men The Final Verdict"

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    Default Re: Sweet chocolate notes in A-Men

    The chocolate is very much there, but it's an earthy-toasty 65%-70% + dark chocolate that doesn't smell like regular milk-hershey choco bar.
    Think Valhrona's Grand Cru Caraïbe bar (66% cocoa) or El Rey's Apamate bar (73.5% cocoa).

    This choco can be found at the very base of A*Men and it's the note that makes it last the longest

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    Default Re: Sweet chocolate notes in A-Men

    I get a very deep fudgy chocolate note from A*Men from beginning to end, it's there the whole time, it just thins out.

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