It smells to me like Palmolive dishwashing liquid or shampoo, mixed with ocean water and a really bad interpretation of a leather fragrance.

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This is the best description I've seen of SM. Awesome.
Yeah, it maximizes the fun of revulsion. But the "notes" given above don't fit that well.

- the smell of Palmolive may be rendered with cheap constituents, but it is anything but nauseating.
- the ocean is a major theme in contemporary perfumery, not at least mentioned the "aquatic" Blue From Chanel.
- leather in the end is made by tanning, which is a chemical reaction that decays the proteins of animal skin. The more something stinks of leather, the less carefully has it been cleaned after that process. Hence a "rich" leather scent would signal: bad quality - if it was about real leather

I'm convinced that the original plot of the ELDO people regarding this scent is the worst to be found, describing at best what You don't want to smell, or smell of. What can be more repellent (read: smelly) than sexual intercourse? Any marriage that climaxes to a point when bodily secretions come into play is prone to divorce. The sooner the cleaner.