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    Default High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    For the past year or so, I have been reading all the threads I can get my hands on, and now I am finally over my fear of posting about my problem.
    I am currently a senior in high school, and I am looking for some good smelling, not cheap, but not niche fragrances. I have some nice summer frags (set sail st barts, curve for me, and socal by hollister) and I have only one winter, which is adidas victory league.
    I am currently looking into purchasing 2 scents for everyday fall/winter wear, and 1 of 3 for dances and formals and whatnot.

    Everyday wear:
    Corduroy by Zirh
    Animale Animale by Animale
    Roccobarocco Fashion Parfum Man by Roccobarocco

    Lacoste Elegance by Lacoste
    John Varvatos by John Varvatos
    Le Male by JPG

    which of these would be the best choices for a high school senior like myself?
    Also is there anything better that I may have overlooked?

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    I'm not really sure that any of those would be great for a high schooler. JV is definitely a formal scent, but it's really more mature than high school. It's not really something that high school girls would go for, plus longevity isn't great. Le Male really isn't a formal scent either, more of a party one. I don't really know much about those everyday ones. Give CK Euphoria a try, it'd be a good one for everyday fall wear, Burberry London is also an awesome fall scent as well, but some have had problems with longevity.

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    Bleu de Chanel
    My Current Fab Five Fragrances:
    1) Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
    2) YSL La Nuit De L'homme
    3) Acqua Di Gio Profumo
    4) Valentino Uomo Intense
    5) Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    JPG Le Male for formal is okay, but it is more of a party scent, but you have to test it at least once so you know if you can handle the overwhelm blast of synthetic vanilla and mint it opens up with. Projection and longevity on Le male will have other girls begging to dance with you.

    Fall/winter I would go with Burberry london if you have not tried that although sillage/ longevity do suck. Boss Bottled if you want a fresh fall/winter smell. YSL - LA NUIT DE L'HOMME also great although I don't own it. Or Green Irish Tweed if you can afford it.

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    Try Carthusia Uomo

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    Have you tried Rochas Man? Now it's been a looooooong time since I was chasing high school girls, but my experience is younger women like college age/early 20's seem to go for sweet gourmand type fragrances. This is one of the best

    perhaps you could check out
    Mugler A-Men & YSL Body Kouros as well.....I would tink all could be had reasonably affordable online. Good luck and remember:

    They are not machines, they're only women. No fear!

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    Animale Animale has been getting some hype recently, it's always been a great scent to me. A great gourmand that's a bit more mature smelling than the others because of its noticeable mossy note. Corduroy I absolutely love, one of the best cheapies ever imo, but the longevity truly sucks, it does horrible in heat and evaporates right off the skin, but in cooler months it does ok, still below average though. Nevertheless, Corduroy is a fantastic everyday fragrance that's both versatile and like nothing else really. Both JV and LM for formal scents are good choices as well, LM projects much more though, JV is a bit more intimate, good for a date when you may be snuggling with a chick or whatever, being close to somebody, JV is a special one. I also gotta throw it out there, just have to.. Burberry London, as much love and hype as it gets here on BN and YT, it's still a very uncommon fragrance in the real world, I smell people wearing AdG in Winter (wtf), but no London.. it's mind boggling. Burberry London is a stellar choice if you want something a little more special for Winter.

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jonny19 View Post
    Bleu de Chanel
    I wouldn't wear this in high school. Yes, it's a nicely done aquatic, but it's an aquatic. There are far better options for fall and winter that are far more unique.

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    Well i'm a highschool senior and honestly, i wear everything =\ some of these guys here will say that certain scents are too mature and hs girls won't like em, but from my experience, as longa s you have confidence you can pull it off. I noticed that highschool girls do also like them at times.

    But since you asked for 2 for the everyday and casual from your list, and 1 for the "formal" out of your list i would go with

    corduroy and animale animale and for your formal i would pick john varvatos

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    Yeah I would say most mainstream scents would be ok for you. A lot of the stuff around scents is marketing, you need to try it on and see how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel confident and sexy, then that's good. If it makes you feel froufrou and self-conscious, then pass.
    I think Le Male for dances etc. is a good, safe choice. I haven't sniffed any of the others, that I can remember. I second Rochas Man as one to try for fall/winter everyday wear. Good luck!

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    I agree with the Rochas Man suggestion. High school girls should certainly like this chocolatey sweet juice. Lacoste Elegance is also a chocolatey frag, but spicier. I don't know if HS girls have a preference. Maybe a side by side test would be beneficial. Zirh Corduroy
    is quite nice for fall/winter, but as some have said, maybe a bit weak. Another great pick would be Carlos Santana for Men.

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    Default Re: High School Senior In Need of Help!!!

    I was looking at Carlos Santana for Men as well, and I've been seeing that it's gotten great reviews even for a celebrity scent.

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