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    Question change of taste?

    I smelled Mugler Cologne and Prada Amber and neither did anything for me. In fact, I didn't like Mugler. Now I can't get enough of them! What's that all about. My food preferences or color preferences don't radically change in a year. How is it that my taste in smell does. It makes sense that I might not like something I liked 10 years ago, I can see taste/preference evolving. But it does suprise me how I have done a complete about face on these two frags. Has anyone else had this kind of experience?

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    If you've tried it on several times you may have started to appreciate it. You may have found something particular that you like in it that didnt come across your mind the first time you tried the fragrances. Maybe it works like tasting a food dish. You can learn to appreciate it by trying it more than once. I dont know.

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    Maybe I'm talking complete gibberish. But I've seen many reviews on fragrances on Basenotes where the people have stated an opinion about a scent negative or positive. But after a few months later they've changed their opinion. Maybe because they have given it a chance by wearing it more than once instead of just throwing it away.
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    Can't honestly say I have.

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    Sure I have....with both food and fragrance. I admit it's weird. Myabe it has something to do with age. Unfortunately, as far as scent, I've had it go the other way (negatively) where I originally liked something, and then changed opinion abrbuptly. I'm hoping I'm in the midst of one the other way though: waiting on a vial of Creed SMV for which I had some strange inclination to give it another shot (didn't like it on initial test). Maybe it has something to do with second-guessing something that other like as in "Am I missing something here? Better try it again to be sure".....

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    I used to hate 4711, and then i tried it again recently and didn`t saw anything wrong with it.
    Another one that I hated but now i like is Rouge Eau Delicate from Hermés. I couldn`t stand the dry resins and woods with the dry flowers, and then i tried on a cold winter day and couldn`t stop thinking of it.

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