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    I have a small bottle of it in the black box and the more rounded bottle. The newer ones are taller oval shape, and they come in the white box with the gold poka dots and the purple box with maybe poka dots.
    My question is i heard the one in the black box smells the best and they reformulated the newer ones. Do you find this to be true and are they bad, and what makes them different? I was thinking of getting the newer one in the purple box but the bottle is the same as the newer one in the white box?

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    I only have the white box which came out in the early 00s. It smells totally gorgeous. There is a newer Parfum Sacre Extreme which only came out I believe last year. Lots of people who love Parfum Sacre seem to really like it. Sorry I have never tried it.
    Have read some people say the newer formula in the purple has toned down on the incense.

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    i am buying hte vintage. yesterday (on our basenotes outing to san francisco), i zoomed in on Parfum Sacre because i was already thinking of buying it. Granted, by this time my nose was starting to wane, but i did not enjoy the newer version as much as the older, but the drydown is very similar, imo.

    Funny note: At niemans I was perusing the l'artisans, and a french male assistant came over to help me. I asked him, 'how does poivre piquant compare to Parfum Sacre?" (because I had just sniffed the new Sacre around hte corner). His response: there is no comparison to parfum sacre. hehehe.

    (Yesterday I bought vintage parfum Pois de Senteur, which i could not be more excited about)
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    How gorgeous vintage Pois de Senteur congratulations.

    I own Poivre Piquent and do not get the milk note in the opening at all. I find it drier and more peppery than my version of PS.
    The latter for me has always been dusty roses, powdery and incense.

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    Where do you order your Parfum Sacre from? I just love a spicy scent, but not Opium.

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    I have the new formulation EdP in the purple box, and a small sample of older Parfum Sacré, unsure of which concentration. I haven't done a proper side-by-side testing yet, but to my nose the current EdP has less pepper and incense than the older one, it's softer, sweeter and rosier.

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    I don't care about the incense but less pepper? that is what I love about the scent is the spiciness, but a bit sweeter would be nice?

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    It's still a lovely fragrance, but I wouldn't mind more of the pepper either. Or more incense, for that matter - I should experiment with layering.

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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre

    I first smelled Parfum Sacre in 2005 so have no experience with anything released prior, but to me it's a beautiful blend of spices heavy on the pepper, roses, and incense. To my nose the incense note was never really a literal, churchy rendering, rather a more subtle, stylized interpretation.

    Couple months ago I had every intention of replacing my used-up bottle but bought Parfum Sacre Intense instead. "Intense" is somewhat misleading since IMO this version is drier and airier than the original PS, which still smells the same to me and is as beautiful as when I first tried it in 2005.
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    BayKat- What a coincidence. Yesterday morning when you posted, I was putting in my purse a little white box sample of Perfume Sacre to take out of town for the day. I knew I'd like to wear it after lunch. My little sample must be current, since it came from the New York store last year. I love it, but it's so light. I'm used to stronger scents thanks to Andy Tauer and his La Maroc Pour Elle, and his L’Air du Désert Marocain.
    (seems like vintage L'origan was made just for me)

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    I have a bottle with the fluted door knob-style cap (I've no idea whether the the box was white or purple as I got it in a swap unboxed), and because I had also heard that the best version's the one in the black box (the one you also have), I bought a bottle of that as well. The one in the black box is a bit more intense and a tad heavier on the incense, but I needed to test them side by side to spot the difference. I don't think the difference is all that huge, really.

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    Default Re: Parfum Sacre

    Thank you all that help me out with this perfume!

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    Le Maroc is certainly a spicy rose!!! I'll have to circle back to that one this fall, when I sampled it in warmer weather it wasn't the best match, but I remember it being very distinct
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