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    I have experimented now for a few years with natural and synthetic perfume ingredients. One of my main challenges is to find base components that have excellent longevity. To that end, I would love to hear of your findings on base notes. I have no prejudice regarding natural or synthetic, I would just like to see what you find to be the longest lasting aroma compounds.

    Let me start this out by listing a few compounds that have excellent longevity in blends for me:

    Ethyl vanillin
    Oak moss (natural and synthetic)
    Bicyclononalactone (a tonka substitute)

    And even though florals all seem to be heart notes, I find ylang ylang to last a good long time.

    What do you find to have the very best longevity in your perfume blends?
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    the benzoin siam i have goes on strong forever, without losing it's shape. and obviously, musks. labdanum, patchouli, castoreum, civet. ambergris has a reputation of being very persistent, but i have never smelled the raw material. i suspect amber resin will last forever too, but i have only smelled it straight from the tree. i am planning to collect some and make a tincture, it smells great.

    i suppose if the material is really thick or even solid, it will be usable as a fixative. am i right?

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    I will add some more:
    Birch tar

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    Vetiver, Sandalwood

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