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    Default Polo Black usage

    So I have some Polo Black sitting around. I figured I might use this as my scent for early Fall. I just sprayed some on my wrist and at first I founf it rather bland - perhaps a little weak. But as I sit here typing I am getting hit by the scent a lot more. I thought that maybe I would agree with the bunch of negative reviews on BN concerning this product.

    But now I am rather enjoying the scent. More and more this little bottle is growing on me.

    I am just wondering what might be appropriate use for this EDT? (don't say flush it!)

    At worst it seems pretty inoffensive. But I am detecting some rather interesting notes from it. It is almost a little soapy and slightly peppery - was wondering what was doing that in the scent?

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    Default Re: Polo Black usage

    Polo Black was launched at the wrong time. It is a nice/unique/weired scent that got almost no love. So double Black stepped in and still didn't fix anything. But DB is far better IMO.

    So...don't flush it. Many factors affect what a frag smells like (humidity, the last frag you smelled, what you eat primarily, how 'developed' your nose is). Try it for one month. You will be certain by then if you love or hate it. Or just think its 'OK'.
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