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    Default Re: Your Process for Purchasing New Perfume

    Great thread !
    I am slow and laborious most of the time when choosing a new perfume. I think I enjoy the process of elimination and the process of investigating every aspect of a 'fume I would like to get ,before taking the plunge. ( Saying that, I have been known to blind buy - my excuse is female hormones ! *LOL* )
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    Default Re: Your Process for Purchasing New Perfume

    In the past, I would sample, and then if I loved it, I'd buy a full bottle. Simple and straightforward, right?

    No, there is a problem.

    It seems strange that I've only realized this recently: there are many perfumes I love -- really love-- but still only want to wear occasionally, or even rarely. I can't explain why. Some of these are the heavy hitters, the one-spray perfumes, but there are also lighter ones that seem to sit there unused, for months even, before I'm in the mood for them again.

    So I think I'm going to have change my method, and start buying decants --and then only buying full bottles of those that I find myself wearing relatively often. I'm still pondering this, because I don't really like getting decants. But it doesn't make sense to spend so much on bottles that just sit there.

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    Default Re: Your Process for Purchasing New Perfume

    Mixture. Some are carefully planned, read up on, samples sought and then carefully considered. Other times I have bought on impulse. For example, recently I went from total ignorance of Back to Black by Kilian to forking over for the full bottle after one small sniff of the stuff at the counter. That was insane and even though I do in fact adore it, I was cross with myself afterwards for buying something which could have turned out to be a total lemon, and a very expensive one at that. It doesn't last as long on the skin as i'd hope for something so pricey, though.

    Also, if I see a good deal (20 or so) on somewhere like, I'm sometimes tempted to buy blind rather than go through the faff of finding a sample. I've found some gems like this but also (for me) some real duds. Like Tocade by Rochas. To this day I wonder if I got a bad bottle as it smells so horrible compared to the rhapsodic praise people bestow on it, and the lovely descriptions of the rose/vanilla plus me generally loving Maurice Roucel scents. Alas, I never see it in the shops and I'm not about to risk buying another bottle to be sure.

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    Default Re: Your Process for Purchasing New Perfume

    I think my process for purchasing new perfume can be careful but at other times chaotic. I know the 'sensible' route as outlined in the reviews, obtain samples, wear the sample over a period of time.... This is really the best way to build up a personal collection and what feels like the best approach. However at other times I will splurge if I see a great deal, or sample once and buy immediately like a non thinking crazy person. This year though, I'm more about getting into decants...I'm beginning to think that if I use the entire decant and miss the fragrance, then maybe it's time to buy the bottle.

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