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Thread: Back up bottles

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    Default Back up bottles

    Any fragrances that are discontinued, or may be reformulated in the future are sure to be hoarded by us BNers. What fragrance do you have the most back up bottles for? Why do you have that many? What is wrong with you?

    Well that last question isn't all that important. The same thing is probably wrong with me, and most of BN
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    I have back up bottles of Mitsouko. This is not available in ANY shops here in China. But I saw one small, privately owned shop that sells this one. So before he ran out of stocks, I bought back up bottles of it. I could buy it online but what the heck. Online will make me wait, sometimes it can be very long.

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    3 back-up bell jars of Chergui, because it is perfect on me the way it is and some vintage stuff back-ups, because they are hard to get.

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    Presently, I don't have any back up bottles, but I am about to purchase a few Chanel ones....I don't personally wear any scents that I know to be discontinued. As that's the case, I can't really see having more than one back up bottle maximum at any time. I would be afraid it would be to long before I got to those.

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    To add, I am actually thinking of getting a back up bottle of Shalimar. hahahaha. Please help!!

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    What fragrance do you have the most back up bottles for?
    I buy all the Égoïste bottles i can see.

    Why do you have that many?
    There's no shortage of Égoïste as far as i know but i just am very worried that one day it will just be gone

    What is wrong with you?
    Why, nothing of course!


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    Quote Originally Posted by CanwllCorfe View Post
    What fragrance do you have the most back up bottles for?
    1 each of Xeryus and Eau de Cedrat

    Quote Originally Posted by CanwllCorfe View Post
    Why do you have that many?
    My first bottle of Xeryus was a partial, so needing a backup was a given.
    The backup EdC came with other stuff I wanted, so, no cost no loss.

    Quote Originally Posted by CanwllCorfe View Post
    What is wrong with you?

    I don't know why I haven't bought a backup bottle of K10 yet, before I finish the bottle.

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    I was thinking of getting a backup bottle of encre noire. Does anyone know if its going to be discontinued?

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    I only have backup bottles of Baleciaga Quadrille. I don't know exactly why, though I do love it, but I love lots of other scents just as much, yet I don't stock up on those. Maybe I just can't resist a good deal on ebay, knowing that my access to this gem is getting more and more limited.

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    I have back-up bottles of scents I like that were going really cheap for some reason or other.

    Mainly I have one full sized back-up bottle only.

    I don't count small 20mm and 30mm travel bottles, else I'd have about 6 or 7 back-ups of my favourite travel scent - Chrome.

    I have two 125 back-up bottles of Green Irish Tweed, as I knew I'd never get them at that price again (A$83 each).Which is just as well, as I've nearly finished the original one.

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    Ungaro III, at least 3-4 backup bottles, since it is one of my fave frags, I found the bottles at very good prices and, besides, I am little concerned about discontinuation rumors

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    I should probably sell off some of my backups. I believe I may have enough Chanel No 19, Vol de Nuit, Shalimar, Jicky, Knize Ten, etc. to last me into the afterlife.

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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    I have backup bottles of Mitsouko EDP (7), Tumulte (4), L'heure Bleue (4), Encre Noir (2), Ambre Gris (9), Vent Vert (4), Theorema (3), Habit Rouge Beau Cavalier (3) and most of the rest I have one to two backups.

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    I have 2 back up bottles of Diesel Plus Plus, cheap no big deal, & I plan to back up Gucci Pour Homme just in case

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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    sorry duplicate, rookie mistake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riley View Post
    sorry duplicate, rookie mistake
    It's ok. Think of this like a backup thread, you know, incase the server crashes and the other threads get "discontinued" .
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    I am lately feeling compelled to collect Youth Dew, when I come across any of the older, darker stuff. It can be had rather cheaply, and I like the variety in bottles (blue bottles, cinch-waist bottles, bath oil, parfum, etc.) Most importantly, I love the way it makes me feel--reminds me of being freshly bathed and in my jammies.

    I also have aquired a few Shalimar EDTs, and a parfum. Thoughtful gifts from family who know of my love for Shalimar. None of these are vintage, but if there are any more changes down the line I'll be happy with the formulation I have.

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    depends on price, if it costs a lot perhaps a bottle or two if it is cheap and it is getting shut down i will buy more.

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    When Tobacco flower (the Body Shop) was discontinued I bought 10 bottles thinking they would last me for the rest of my life, actually I am in my last one and after that is gone I do not know what I would do.
    For years it was my signature fragrance and I used other fragrances very sporadically, but after it was discontinued I started trying other fragrances and that triggered my obsession with perfumes. So I should sue The Body Shop for starting this fixation, I own more than 200 bottles and buy everytime I got the chance.

    Indian Vetiver was discontinued so before it dissapeared from the market I got 8, now I am down to 5.
    I got 4 Silver Mountain Water, 3 Halston 1-12, 3 Original Vetiver, 3 Original Santal, 2 John Varvatos and 2 Tuscan Soul.

    Why do I do it?, because I CAN.
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    Cristalle and No. 19 extrait, one spare bottle each. (Well, and a couple of minis.)

    For everything else, I'm determined to just go into the future and accept what it offers.

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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    Cuir de Lancome (so good I can't believe it's still on the market) and vintage Bal a Versailles EDT are the only ones I bought specifically as backup bottles. I do have Shalimar and Bal in several vintage versions, and a couple of 15 and 5 ml sizes of Givenchy's "Organza Indecence" which has been discontinued/reformulated.
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    I keep backup bottles of Vent Vert, Rochas Mystere, original Chloe, Byzance, Christian Lacroix, Tweed, Mitsouko, several others. I have a special shelf for backups so they don't get opened before needed.


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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    I keep a few, but really don't want to delve into backups too much. I have Shiseido FdB and Cuir de Lancome due to those being discontinued. I have a DK Gold, but only because it was going to be a gift and then changed my mind. A couple of others, but I may yet get rid of them.

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    I really try not to fall in love with fragrances that are limited edition. I don't have any back up bottles because most of the fragrances I have won't be getting discontinued for a long time. You know when fragrances won't be getting discontinued ever when that fragrance is the brands signature scent, or the scent everybody knows them by ex: Chanel No.5, Le Male, Acqua Di Gio, Paris, Opium, Angel, Organza, Amarige etc. Chances are if the fragrance has been around for a long time, and its still popular, it won't be discontinued.

    Most times, fragrances are discontinued due to the fact that they aren't selling well, there a limited edition, or a brand gives the license to manafactuer thier fragrances to another company. Ex: how Versace gave thier license to Euroitalia, and how Fendi went to LMVH.

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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    Four bottles of Yatagan Caron......
    in case it's reformulated and ruined, as is the case with most of the Caron elixirs of yesteryear.

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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    Not really back-up bottles per se, but I have two bottles of 90's Donna Karan Chaos, one that I bought before it was discontinued and one, full, that I came across at a fleamarket much later. Pure luck. I also have multiple bottles, concentrations and vintages of Bandit, Youth Dew, Rochas Femme and Feminité du Bois, but that's more a case of general hoarding than planned back-ups.

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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    Opium by Yves Saint Laurent 1977 before the reformulation and new Flacon arrives
    i love the new flacon but i heard the reformulation sucks
    Mitsouko by Guerlain before they discontinue it
    L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain
    Obsession by Calvin Klein

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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    lol i only have backup bottles for limited editions not discountinued. not pro like u guys!

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    Default Re: Back up bottles

    I'm a spicy lover for sure and once i discovered "Montana just me" I had to have a second bottle, plus lotion. I also ran across Roberto Cavalli Oro, this one is so creamy and spicy I just love it so in spite of the ugly bottle that could tip over easilly I had to have a second one and lotion to match.

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    I have backup bottles of quite a few fragrances I like, but usually only one extra bottle.

    But there are some discontinued and hard-to-find fragrances for which I have 4-6 bottles each: Ungaro II, Le Feu D'Issey, Aigner Superfragrance, Laura Biagiotti Sotto Voce and the various Venezia bottlings, Faberge Princess Grace, Jean-Marc Sinan, Balenciaga Pour Homme, Jacomo Eau Cendree, Max Factor Geminesse, Courreges Empreinte and Amerique, Eau de Patou, and others I can't remember right now.

    I also have backup bottles of vintage versions of some fragrances still in production, such as Fahrenheit, Havana, Egoiste, Armani, Halston, 1000, Joy, and many others.

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