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    Question Fragrance like Bath and Body Works "White Tea and Ginger"???

    Does anyone know o a perfume or cologne that has a similar scent to Bath and Body Works White Tea and Ginger soap??? Thanks

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    Default Re: Fragrance like Bath and Body Works "White Tea and Ginger"???

    White Tea and Ginger is one of my favorites. The fragrance is so light, cool, and refreshing, yet unlike a traditional citrus-based eau de cologne or an aquatic fragrance.

    Finding a substitute should be easy, though, because I think that White Tea and Ginger is basically a copy of something else. I cannot remember if it smells likes L'Occitaine's The Vert or Bulgari's Eau Parfumee au The Vert. I am leaning toward the L'Occitaine. However, both are excellent fragrances and worth a try in their own right.

    Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea is also nice, and worth a try as well, although not really the same as White Tea and Ginger.

    While White Tea and Ginger is not available in the Bath & Body Works stores any more, it is available online still:

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