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    Default Can spoilage improve a fragrance?

    Hey guys:

    I recently sprayed some Paul Smith Story on my arm. I was trying to see how it compared to my new mini of Encre Noire. However, it smelled completely different this evening. I know that usually, when a frag goes bad, it can smell like paint thinner. But with Story, it was like the grapefruit was stronger and the vetiver was almost gone. Usually, the vetiver is quite strong here and the grapefruit just adds a little zing. But anyway, I think I may like it better now. Has anyone ever had this happen with a bottle of Story or any other vetiver based frag before?

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    Default Re: Can spoilage improve a fragrance?

    I've been giving this some additional thought. Maybe the vetiver in Encre Noire is so dark that my nose is tricking me into thinking that Paul Smith Story isn't as dark as I thought, so it now smells less dark by comparison. Can't say for sure, since I just gave away me newer sample of Story.

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