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    Default Watered-Down Fragrances

    Hello basenoters,

    I recently purchased a bottle of cologne on ebay and usually when it comes to ebay, I'm very weary about purchasing fragrances because of fakes and a possibilty of a watered down original. This leads me to my next question. I purchased attitude extreme by armani and the seller even sent me a reciept from fragrancenet where they had first purchased it. Im guessing they didnt like it so they placed it up for bid. Anywho, I do not see how this is an extreme version at all? I have the original as well and it lasts just as long and sillage is horrible as well. It did change a bit after about 2 hours and projected a bit better but that lasted two more hours then it went back to staying extremely close to the skin. Ive heard that this is a mixture of the original attitude and armani code but honestly, I did not get that from this fragrance. Is it possible that it's watered down by the seller?

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    It's not likely that fragrances get watered down by sellers. It wouldn't be worth the trouble for them to get involved with a sprayer mechanism and try to reseal it--even assuming they have the equipment. And what about the rest of the juice? They'll need a bottle and sprayer for that part too. It's just not practical. You'll usually see whole bottles that are fake for very popular titles only. Sometimes bad storage conditions cause damage and affect the qualiy of the juice in an otherwise genuine bottle. There have been many threads here complaining about bottles from Fragrancenet specifically for that reason. Perhaps this is one of them?
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    Default Re: Watered-Down Fragrances

    keep in mind, everyone now is starting to make flankers called "extreme" this or that. It used to mean a different concentration but now it's just as likely to still be an EdT. It's like how the "sport" version wasn't any less strong in terms of concentration, just ingredients.

    and to be honest, the problem with most standard designer fragrances are that their sillage and longevity generally suck.
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