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    Default Fougere Royale Thoughts

    Recently I was given the opportunity to try the new Fougere Royale by Houbigant by a generous member here. I'd like to share my thoughts on it to hopefully give some other members here inspiration to try it. Keep in mind, I've never smelled the original, but from the research I've done, I have an educated guess as to what it may have smelled like.

    Fougere Royale is a modern interpretation of the 1880s fragrance that started the fougere genre (much like Coty's Chypre) and is quite a feat to live up to. I'd like to say that there are things I like about it and some other things I find not so appealing. To start Fougere Royale is an aromatic fougere not a classic fougere, which is an incorrect rendering of the original. FR certainly does have the traditional lavender-geranium-tonka accord that defines the fougere genre, but does not feature it. The opening is composed of high quality citruses and aromatic elements. The heart is the most beautiful delicate floral bouquet of geranium, rose, orchis, heliotrope, and carnation. This is probably my favorite phase of the whole production. Then the base is very woodsy with oakmoss, tonka, and vanilla. My nose interprets some of the new mown hay coumarin accord as a spicy cedarwood that dominates the base.

    All in all, I feel FR is a good buy available at mid-range niche prices and is readily available. If you are at all inclined to buy it, I suggest doing so as you might have to wait several decades until it is brought back again. I feel something like Penhaligon's English Fern is closer to the original Fougere Royale as it is a high quality stripped down classic fougere with lavender, geranium, clover, oakmoss, and coumarin.

    Please post any thoughts you have on my writeup here.

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    Default Re: Fougere Royale Thoughts

    Glad you had an opportunity to experience it.

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    Default Re: Fougere Royale Thoughts

    Thanks Bokaba to share your experiences about Royale Fougere !
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    Default Re: Fougere Royale Thoughts

    Like I said, overall I feel it is a good product that uses high quality materials and certainly does evoke thoughts of the 1880s in Paris (though I think it was occupied by Prussians for some period then). The price of $170 is justifiable as a middle level niche scent. Additionally, I feel a EdP or Parfum Extrait concentration is incorrect as the original was likely an EdC. Sniff it if you can! I think most Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goofman stores carry it.

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    Default Re: Fougere Royale Thoughts

    It's an excellent re-interpretation of the original - well worth owning.
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    Default Re: Fougere Royale Thoughts

    I agree. I really love the floral heart and the carnation really stands out.

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    Default Re: Fougere Royale Thoughts


    This smells exactly like a softer and tamer version of Aramis but with a complex and floral heart but Aramis all the same. It must be the clary sage used in the composition giving me that strong vibe.

    I like this fragrance but it is very expensive and why purchase this when Aramis can be had at a very affordable price. A weak thumbs up and thats just because I like the scent but would never purchase it.

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