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    i happened to try some of LV scents today(uomo, musk, incensi,patchouli and piper nigrum).while most of them are very interesting and unique , the one that caught my attention was piper nigrum. its an amazing frag. a blast of peppermint and black peppers
    over a bitter sweet base. my big disappointment was sillage and longevity. while all others LV projected nicely and long lasted , PN had minimal projection and after some 20 minutes became a weak skin scent. the others also lasted much longer than PN.
    IS there a real issue with the sillage and longevity of PN or is it just less intense than other VILLORESI frags?

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    Default Re: LV Piper Nigrum

    While it has a different vibe than most other LVs I, by that I mean it's anything but dark, heavy and earthy, I never have problems with it. Projects nicely and has decent staying power.
    Maybe you happened to catch a bad tester or, more likely, were already overwhelmed by all the other LVs?
    I'd recommend testwearing it exclusively one day, maybe you might change your oppininon.
    Smellin good

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    I also had the same impression. Awesome dry peppery fragrance with something fresh and sweet, but that doesn`t stay longer than 6 hours and gets very close to skin after 2-3 hours...

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    Lasts about 6-7 hours on me, though I agree, the sillage isnt that great. It seems to project much better when sprayed on the chest. Try it.

    The other LV, which has Ok longevity on me, is Uomo. Spezie smells a bit like PN, so try that, it may last a bit longer on you (it didnt on me).

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    Default Re: LV Piper Nigrum

    PN on my skin is a sillage monster. Be careful of anosmia /scent acclimation with this one.

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    Default Re: LV Piper Nigrum

    Quote Originally Posted by neal View Post
    PN on my skin is a sillage monster. Be careful of anosmia /scent acclimation with this one.
    I agree...sounds like you are over applying it. Just a small amount makes a BIG impression.

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    Default Re: LV Piper Nigrum


    Lol..... I just had to resurrect this thread. Hot spicy medicinal Tiger Balm is what I'm getting from this. It reminds me when I was at school many moons ago and sprained my leg in soccer practice. I applied loads of this deep heat cream and it was giving off the same vibe as Piper Nigrum.

    A very strange fragrance it smells like a hospital. I just could not see myself wearing this as a

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    Default Re: LV Piper Nigrum

    For me, I'll echo the sentiments that PN is both a sillage and longevity "monster", though I suppose the more recent batches could have been reformulated (a great fear of mine in any of Villoresi's fragrances). A friend smelled it on me loud and clear 12 hours after applying on me, and I am almost always aware of PN while I'm wearing it.

    I recall falling in love with it even though at the time I wasn't used to such a strange, complex blend of accords. It has the most exotic feel to it, with the mint executed flawlessly. The most striking notes for me in PN are mint and pepper. Only a master like Villoresi could create something so dreamy from ingredients that seem so incompatible together, not to mention the fact that mint in fragrance rarely works.

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