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    Default 360: A retrospective confirmation

    Lets talk about fragrances that you have changed your mind about. For me, I've done a 360. I started out hating Channel Bleu, caved in and bought it, tried to love it for 2 days, but alas, I arrived at my original assumption; it sucks! I tried hard to talk myself into it's philosophy; that a watered-down fragrance could possess something worthy of a fraction of glory. Its deleterious effects have me in physiologic chaos with vestibular disturbances. I feel ill and a tad nauseous when wearing it. I took that bitch back today after 3 sprays. I got a dirty look for taking it back but, it caused me illness.

    In light of this, I did come back with Bvlgari Man. This smells so nice and fits the bill much better than Bleu and IMO, than either The One Gentleman or Bang as well. I pledge my allegiance back to the crowd where a real suck-fest hatred of Blue is being conveyed. I tried to be unbiased and give it an honest go. So, when I say that Bleu sucks, I deserve the right to say so without scrutiny as if I never gave it a chance. Peace out Bleu.
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    Default Re: 360: A retrospective confirmation

    It's simple: The nose only likes what it likes.
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