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    did this budget aftershave resemble brut and canoe? I read one basenoter's review and he said it did. I am not sure if i remember smelling this one as a kid or not.

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    I just remember that it smelled strong. But that is the memory from when I was 10-years-old. I wonder if getting a cheap cologne at a young age gave me an interest in fragrance or because of the bad quality, postponed my interest?

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    I think interest in fragrance happens over time. this isnt something most people just dive into.

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    I also read on wikipedia that miners international bought the rights and are supposed to be re-launching it this year. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    As I recall it was a lot like Brut. But I was about 12 years old the last time I smelled it.

    Let me tell you, it's no Pure Malt, ha ha. Somebody should start a thread about that.

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    i half wonder what the other 3 were like. if they were anything i could appreciate even tho they were "budget".

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    This was my first ever self puchased frag- as a horny teenager that was far, far too susceptible to the influence of advertising.

    I can't give any breakdown of the notes or compare it to anything. But I remember this- Brut and Canoe smelled like Amouage or Xerjoff next to this.

    Perhaps someone else scarred by the experience can provide a better breakout of the notes. I think Foetidus had a run in with this drek as well.

    I recall wearing it to school and several women started commenting that they smelled something odd. One thought it might be waterproofing treatment that her dad had used on her new shoes. Since it wasn't attracting women and in fact, repelling them, I retired it after a couple of wearings and went back to filching my dad's British Sterling.

    My only recollection is that it smelled incredibly cheap and industrial (and it was incredibly cheap). Some sort of odd cleaning solvent comes to mind. It was a drugstore frag. It might have even been available at Kresges (which was in Michigan what used to be called a "dime store"). You have to remember, this was in the late 60s or early 70s when men's scents were still pretty few and far between. This was someone's attempt at selling the sizzle and not the steak. I don't have the "scent memory" that many here do, but I do remember this stuff was atrocious shyt.

    If there was a Basenotes back them- Hai Karate would not have made it into the "which scents do chicks dig" threads.
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