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    Default La Perla EDP = big civet note?

    I recently purchased a bottle of La Perla EDP, as the EDT didn't last long on me.

    When sprayed on clothing, it's nice and woody. On skin, however (at least my skin)...whoo-eee! Septic tanks and loaded diapers come to mind.

    Has anybody else had this experience?
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    Default Re: La Perla EDP = big civet note?

    No, and that sounds horrible! I've been wearing La Perla in both concentrations for many years now and I've never gotten anything like civet or anything even slightly skanky - dark mossy green, herbal and resinous is how I'd describe the base, over honeyed but fresh and piquant florals. Always opulent, sexy and chypre-y, never poopy!

    I suppose this could be attributed to individual perception, or it's possible that it's gone a bit off but you say it's new,! I can't even begin to guess what notes or accord is turning poopy on you....does it last through the drydown? Now I'm curious - I'll have to pay special attention the next time I wear it, and just hope I don't get "loaded diapers" (lol, but what an alarming revelation that would be!)
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    Default Re: La Perla EDP = big civet note?

    Hm, strange. I, like Evangeline, have never ever detected a civet note in La Perla. Civet does not smell like the loaded diapers or septic tanks You describe. It's not an urine smell at all. To my nose, La Perla is a slightly sweet, floral, mossy chipre. In fact, a bit boring for me. Some perfumes, when old, stored in warm, humid conditions, go off and can give off the note You describe. It has happened to my Montana, vintage Diva and so on. As they are in the same family, I suppose it could have happened to La Perla. But, La Perla is waaaay less animalic than those too.

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