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    Default Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    Hi everyone. I am brand new not only to this forum, but to fragrances as well. I have been getting into them only this year and am still new to knowing how to spot fakes and all.

    My question surrounds the Perfume District in New York. I live here in NYC and have been there many times. I have read where they are wholesellers, which would imply they sell legit fragrances. Additionally, the shops have been there for years, so if they were selling fakes, they should have been shut down long ago.

    But my suspicions still shy me away from these stores. Can anyone tell me if these shops sell legit fragrances or fakes?

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    Default Re: Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    Personally I'll just avoid your question for now. I'd suggest immersing yourself in the likes of Sephora, then Higher end dept stores (Saks, Barneys, Neimen's, etc), and then boutiques like Bond #9 and Creed, then even more niche stores like Aedes De Venustas (in that order),
    and after a long long time of getting your nose educated, then go to some of those random shops. You'll already know what you like and don't, and will know what you want to buy and what the prices should be, and if they're real/fake or old, etc. But I'd suggest first starting with the best stuff so you see what it's meant to be like, and you get knowledgeable helpful customer service.
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    Default Re: Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    Well, I do know what I like and want, I just don't know how to spot real ones from fake ones.

    I like citrus and water scents for the Summer and Woody scents for the Winter. I do have several colognes already, but now I want to get more. The rarer ones or limited editions I already purchase in the department stores, but the ones that you can get anywhere are the ones I want to start purchasing.

    I actually made a list of scents I want to purchase, so now it is a matter of finding them for the lowest cost, which is why I've asked in this thread about the Perfume District.

    I've checked and although they are cheaper, they are even cheaper in the district.So while I know how the scents smell already, I still can't ask them to open every package so I can see if they are watered down or not (and even if they do, I'm not sure if I'd be able to tell).

    With that said, I can only relay on looking at the box and maybe the bottle. I know some of the rules to spotting fakes, but I just want to know overall about the shops so I don't' waste my time. I hope that clarifies my experiences so thus far.

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    Default Re: Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    In short, yes they are legit. At least the one I go to (Perfume Americana) only sells legit fragrances. Their selection is huge, and the prices are very good. I purchased a large bottle of Burberry London for about $30 about 2 years back. I actually found a New York Magazine Review on this place:

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    Default Re: Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    Yes, I've been to that shop a few times. I usually find that place to be a little more than the other shops. But only by a few dollars. They are also harder to bargain with compared to the other stores. But it is good to know they have legit fragrances in there. It's just natural to think otherwise with such lower prices compared to department stores. Thanks for the confirmation.

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    Default Re: Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    I bought a fake hermes a few years ago in that area, so I'm not shopping there anymore. It smelled like a cat box sitting in the sun. I get the sense its like Canal Steet - fakes.

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    Default Re: Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    Any current consensus on the best shops in 2017 in this 30's & bway area ?

    Especially stores which will have testers of old/rare designer fragrances, and testers of Middle Eastern houses like Rasasi and Swiss Arabian ?

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    Default Re: Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    Quote Originally Posted by DULLAH View Post
    Any current consensus on the best shops in 2017 in this 30's & bway area ?
    Just stroll through as many as time permits. Only need about 2 minutes per place to see if they have anything that interests you. Perhaps PERFUME AMERICANA WHOLESALE, INC.
    11 W 30Th Street Between Broadway & 5Th Ave might be one to spend a bit more time in.
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    Default Re: Perfume District on Broadway in New York

    My sense is that they come by their product by less traditional means -- close-outs, grey market, etc. It is therefore possible that they can pick up fakes in the process. (I recall it happened to a well-regarded on-line retailer that sources its stock in the same way, but consumers got duped only because the retailer did.) I've personally not had a problem, and once I was pleased to find an array of steeply discounted Marc de la Morandiere fragrances, a producer that I doubt has any US distribution at all. I've heard it said by others that they shun these establishments because the product, which does not come directly from the producer, is not "fresh." Objectively, that should not make any difference.

    I will note that these places may not offer the most pleasant shopping experience, but then again perfume shopping at high-end boutiques also can instigate a case of proctalgia.

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