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    Default Winter Bonding Selection

    I am currently in the market for a new Bond No. 9 fragrance. The 4 that I am narrowing it down to are New Haarlem, Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York, Chez Bond, and Park Avenue. I know that New Haarlem and Andy Warhol Success are typical winter scents, but what are your thoughts on Chez Bond and Park Avenue?

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    Default Re: Winter Bonding Selection

    personally the only one i have thought was interesting was new haarlem but that is my opinion.

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    Default Re: Winter Bonding Selection

    I'm not keen on Park Avenue due to the vanilla and patchouli in it, which are two notes that I never care for in perfumes. It's also a light fresh floral, so living in Alaska I would imagine that you'd want something heavier for the Winter months.
    Chez Bond I've owned in the past and it's something you can use all year round. I liked the citrus, herbal tea and sandalwood notes in this, so I'd certainly consider it.
    My personal favourites are Eau de New York and Hamptons. Have you tried a sample of these you've narrowed down already? If not I'd do so rather than blind buy

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    Default Re: Winter Bonding Selection

    I'm all about New Haarlem.

    Chez Bond, to me, is boring. I haven't tried Park Avenue
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    Default Re: Winter Bonding Selection

    Well, I have sampled all 4 of them. I am in LOVE with all of them, but my favorites out of them are probably Success and Park Avenue with New Haarlem a close third. Chez Bond is just a very pleasant scent, which I am ironically wearing today and considering buying. I will end up buying them all, I just am curious if in the Alaskan Winter of super dry and cold if Park Avenue has a fighting chance. It may be light but the sillage is nothing to joke about.

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    Default Re: Winter Bonding Selection

    Out of those you listed, by far, I prefer Chez Bond. Another to check out is Bleeker St.

    In fairness, I can not remember what exactly I liked about them, so I couldn't comment on winter suitabliltiy. New Haarlem, on the other hand i can. I think it would fit well in the cold (as I think most gourmands do). My problem is, I think it is inferior to other, less expensive & similar type scents (Rochas Man, A-Men, even L'Instant)

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    Default Re: Winter Bonding Selection

    I own Bleeker Street, Silver Factory, and the limited edition Bond No. 9 Vegas. I wore my sample of Chez Bond today, and I think that it might be a little light for Winter. Park Avenue seemed to do better in the weather, and it isn't even snowing yet. I think I will wait on Chez Bond until the summer roles around. It seems like it's a better spring/summer fragrance. I would buy all of them now, but the prices are a little steep for a 4 fragrance buy. Maybe 2? I do know that Bond no. 9 will be having a "Buy 2, Get 1 Refill Free" event in November, so hopefully one of the refills will be one of the 3 I want, or even Chez Bond.

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