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    Default Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    Does anyone own this fragrance or is old enough to remember it?

    I've seen some bottles for sale on eBay. Are these genuine?

    I was under the impression that it had been discontinued?

    However, some of the bottles are listed as Chaz Classic by Jean Philippe. Is it the same fragrance?

    Early 80's commercial featuring Tom Selleck

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    Default Re: Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    I have an original one but never tried the newer formulations. It starts out with a cheap, "syntheric" quality but that settles down fairly quickly. It's woody, but not like the wood notes of today. Instead, it's a lot softer. There is also a creamy qualiity but it's not a sweet frag. It's quite blended so it's difficult to pick out other notes, other than perhaps some lavender (which isn't strong, thankfully). It's certainly got an ambery quality too, but it's supposed to be spicy and I get little if any of that. Longevity and sillage are at least good. The one being auctioned there looks fine. Mine has a slightly different label but the bottle seems to be the same. I didn't get a cap because it's a tester but I've seen that cap before, though in blue. All in all, I wouldn't consider it too dated, so long as you don't spray too much, and I'd rather own it than a lot of popular frags of today that are more expensive (A*Men, Le Male, AdG, Cool Water, etc.).

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    Default Re: Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    I picked up a bottle of Chaz two weeks ago. It's OK, definitely from a different place and time.

    I often see the fragrances of Jean Philippe at thrift stores. I'm not a big fan of that line.

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    Default Re: Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    I just got a bottle of Chaz Classic the other day. It's a totally boring, weak-ass woody scent in a 70s style, with no projection at all. I'm very surprised how much I don't like this, since I'm a big fan of 70s and 80s fragrances. I'm so irritated with how lame this fragrance is, I'm tempted to simply throw it in the trash.

    The one I have is neither from Revlon nor Jean Phillipe. It's by some company out of New York I've never heard of.

    This is a lousy fragrance. Don't waste your time.

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    Default Re: Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    From what I understand, after the Revlon version, there were two new formulations, one being the "Classic." I've never tried it so I have no idea about it. I wore it today, the third full wearing. It's unique and not bad, with decent sillage and longevity. The only thing is that it never shakes a somewhat "synthetic" feel, though it's not as bad as many recent frags in this context, IMO.

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    Default Re: Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    I agree Bigsly that it's not a bad smelling frag. I'd probably like it if I could actually smell it without having to cram my nose into my skin. It's one of the most frustrating frags I've ever worn.

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    Default Re: Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    I knew a lady who took one sniff and said "bug spray." I never told the guy what she said, but the termites disappeared, oddly enough.

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    Default Re: Chaz by Revlon (1975)

    Thanks the the replies!

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