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    I am testing out Coco Chanel, it is a lovely scent but the version I have is EDT but it doesn't seem to be strong enough for m. I really don't smell it unless i put my nose right to my skin. Is the EDP significantly strong and longer lasting. I read that it has been reformulated and no stronger then the EDT. If I need to look for an older version then how do I tell them apart.


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    IMHO, EDT is a shadow compared to the vintage EDP.

    The former is bright but not long-lasting. Its colour is a urinous yellow unlike the latter which is a deep orange hue.

    The vintage EDP is worth getting. My tiny 4ml bottle of EDP cost me about $9-10 but it was worth every cent!

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    The current version of the EDP is definitely worth checking out. I own it myself. It has excellent sillage and longevity. Another Basenoter said she felt that the EDP is the best version compared with the EDT and the parfum. It comes across as an awesomely opulent baroque oriental. I don't like the EDT at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYCBoy View Post
    The current version of the EDP is definitely worth checking out. I own it myself. It has excellent sillage and longevity.

    The modern formulation is most definately a strong mother...

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    I'm going to wait to buy it, as you know closer to the Holidays the stores come out with these deals. I might as well get somthing extra like maybe some lotion or body cream.


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    I had the edt and it was potent enough for me, but it is a watercolor sketch of Coco, whereas the edp is the fully developed oil painting...and I don't know what the parfum would analogy ran out on me, lol! Anyway, the richer formulations are probably better if you can wear them. I can't because they wear me. I did like the edt, though. It had a brighter more floral character. I traded my bottle away eventually. I'm surprised you can't even smell the edt, though. It's not exactly light and fluffy.

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    The EdP is much longer lasting than the EDT on me, by at least 5 hours. My prefered concentration is the EDT, because I love powder and moss and insense in perfumes. Coco is a spicy Oriental - in a categoty thet does not attract me much. No other cathegory contains so many scents obnoxious to my nose and impossible to wear. I tend to dislike cold, bitter spiced orientals and could never wear Dioressence, Madness, Jicky and so on. Sweet, more ambery orientals suit me fine and although not easy in hot weather are great for winter. I love Obsession, Must, Opium and Opium has great aura on me. Coco - I discovered in te late 80's when I was given a present - a bottle of EDP. I liked it, but was not mad about it. Later I received a bottle of the EDT and found it insipid and not as sweet and bold. Now my taste seems to have changed, along with chemistry. I think some ingredients have been left out in the new version. I remember the old one smelling of Carribean punch (kind of strong alcoholic beverage) Coco contained spices I link to the Caribbean - cloves+hint of laurel+that tequilla spice. It is now gone along with some moss and oppoponax. The different concentrations develop differently, but the scent is the same unlike Allure. Allure EDT and EDP are 2 different perfumes, the first like Envy GUcci, second like Hot Benetton.

    Coco EDT - nice, mossy, powdery, slightly sweet rose, OK longevity. Dries down to rosy leather, less insense.

    Coco EDP - closest to the true scent, spicy, sweet, insense. The sweetest of the lot and with the best sillage.

    Coco perfume - Spices and insence, hint of leather,sweet liquour or Porto like quality. Close to the skin and not obnoxious.

    This is what it is to my nose. I think, as You seek longevity and sillage, the EDP is Your best bet.

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    Coco EDT - I agree with Nevena - this dries down to a pleasant floral leather scent that for me seems perfect if you wear a leather jacket. As a guy I wouldn't really have the courage to try the EDP or perfume, but the spare nature of the EDT is less gender-specific and pretty appealing. Not much else out there like it, really.


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    I have noticed that since I drink a lot of water I tend to be colder here in Ohio with our temp around 50 - 60 degrees Farenheit. If I heat up a bit ( running or shopping ) I can smell the EDT. I love the fragrance, So, I will be buying the EDP and the body cream to layer.


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    Ok, this is the problem: I like the edt but it doesn't seem very long-lasting whereas the edp seems better in that respect but the scent is a tad too strong, so I can't choose... The edt seems more 'fruity' and the edp kind of reminds me of Mitsouko edp which I've grown tired of; are Mitsouko edp and coco edp somehow similar or is my nose/brain playing tricks on me ?
    Does Coco edp change or evolve after a few hours ? I bought Bois des Iles recently and was rather disappointed because of its lack of staying power -it's ok now but still I don't want to buy Coco edt and realize afterwards that 'oups' I did it again.
    Could the Coco fans help me make a choice ?
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    Coco is a spicy oriental and Mitsouko a fruity chypre, so no not alike.

    How about buy the body cream in Coco.

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    Thanks, Donna, but I really don't like body creams, I never apply any. I still have a few days to make a decision about edp or edt, we'll see.
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    I don't recommend the edt, but to me it's just a completely different fragrance ...a nice enough fragrance, but not Coco. But I've worn the body cream with the parfum and/or edp since the 80s, so I've clearly never had a problem with it being too strong.

    I say get the edp and just apply sparingly ...really, you won't regret it.
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    Thanks for your input, Evangeline. I may go for the edp just for the 'sillage'; fed up with fleeting perfumes...

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    I prefer the EDP in terms of actual smell but its very strong, actually I find it overwhelming. I have and use the EDT.

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    I tried the vintage EDT once in the morning, and it just about knocked me out. And I like heady, powerful fragrances! I don't know if it was the ingredients, or what. (I loved the scent.) So I gave it to a friend. I am kind of dying to try the EDP version!!!
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    I just recently started to really like Coco and want a fb.

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    The pure perfume is nice. So is the lotion. I wear the EDT and while I can't smell it on me, everybody else can.

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    End of the story: I bought the edp this morning and am quite happy with my choice : it has the depth that seems to lack in the edt and is long-lasting and not overpowering IMO. It definitely has the Chanel touch, love it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalli View Post
    Thanks !

    I said that it was the end of the story, I was wrong, it may actually be the beginning of a new love story

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