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    Default Deliberately using the 'wrong' fragrance

    Have you ever gone to the beach wearing Burberry London?

    Have you ever deliberately used an 'inappropriate' fragrance for the place where you were headed?

    The most obvious example is using a NSFW scent at work - but there are plenty of others. There must be some funny stories out there.

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    Default Re: Deliberately using the 'wrong' fragrance

    Great topic!
    I have engaged in various forms of lewd behaviour wearing Messe de Minuit, that's a nice juxtaposition.
    Vintage Bandit with a vintage nurse uniform, just right and still so inappropriate.
    Agent Provocateur is so obviously meant to be seductive that it just has to be worn with something very tailored and buttoned-up, preferably a tie, too, while Aramis calls for heels, lipstick, maybe pearls, perhaps cleavage. I like mixing messages.

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