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    Default Marketplace question - decants/splits

    Sorry if this is not the best place to ask, but I could not access the other forums I thought it might go under:

    I have seen something about selling decants/splits is not allowed (or so I thought). Yet I saw several "splits" posts in the Items for Sale section earlier. Now I hope I am not throwing anybody under the bus - in fact I'm banking that I'm not, and just am misunderstanding something. It seemed that this group splits were not done for any type of profit, but were equally sharing in the cost (ex. flacon costs $250, five 50 mls available for $50/each. Is that an important distinction? Is it not allowed (or frowned upon) to sell those 50ml splits for say $65/each, even if retail cost was $80/50mL for example? In other words there are often price breaks for larger sized it against the rules to take some profit from dividing up bigger purchases like that?

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    Default Re: Marketplace question - decants/splits

    You've got it.

    Creed flacons are a good example. Here's how the pricing breaks down:
    • 1oz / 30ml = $130 or $130 per oz / $4.33 per ml
    • 2.5oz / 75ml = $225 or $90 per oz / $3 per ml
    • 4oz / 120ml = $270 or $67.50 per oz / $2.25 per ml
    • 8.4oz / 250ml = $350 or $41.66 per oz / $1.40 per ml

    It's clearly MUCH cheaper to buy large and split it among friends. Board rules are no split can be smaller than 50ml. I'm not sure on the rules from profiting from hosting a split, but there have been many a backlash at unfair pricing in the past. If it's not a written rule it certainly is a community norm we've defended strongly in the past.
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    Default Re: Marketplace question - decants/splits

    Thanks Docman

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