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    Default What is a "sport" fragrance?

    Isn't it just another marketing term for casual?

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    Default Re: What is a "sport" fragrance?

    You got it Geki. Sport equals casual wear.

    You will read comments from men who get offended by the term sport on a fragrance. What does this have to do with sports ? Well, nothing. But long before you and I, the term sportswear existed. At least that is what my limited knowledge of mens fashion history told me ( I used to read British GQ Magazine).

    Theres nothing wrong with new marketing terms. The only wrong thing, to me, is rehashing the same tired and unfortunate fragrance.

    By the way, there are many nice "Sport" fragrances out there : Kouros Cologne Sport...okay, that is all I can think of. Still, I am sure there are some out there for all of us.
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    Default Re: What is a "sport" fragrance?

    Sport is usually a flanker (addition), so when there's a fragrance that sells really well, the companies want to take advantage of customers who already like it and the brand equity that's been built. To do that, they release various "new" updated versions of the scent. One of the easiest ones to do is a lighter version, often the "sport" one, or "summer edition". In some cases they may make an "extreme" or "concentree", etc version, which usually means it's more concentrated (although often it may either be almost an entirely different scent, or it's no more long lasting, it just amplifies certain notes and tones down others).
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    Default Re: What is a "sport" fragrance?

    I think Surfacing and Master-Classter are both correct.

    Some perfume houses may have released fragrances designed specifically for use while doing sports or afterwards, but it's hard to say. These fragrances would have been relatively light and refreshing, having an effect almost like a traditional cologne. After all, no one wants to wear a heavy, serious frag while playing tennis or lifting weights.

    But I believe in general that most of the Sport frags are intended for casual wear, whether doing sports or not. Many of them are flankers, or variations, of an existing fragrance. The Sport version, sometimes bearing little resemblance to the original, is almost always lighter, fresher, with very subtle base notes, and isn't particularly long lasting.

    Many younger people prefer these type scents, so it is a way for a perfume house to take advantage of an already existing name and draw customers who may know the brand and name but may or may not necessarily like the original fragrance.
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    Default Re: What is a "sport" fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by GekiGAngerII View Post
    Isn't it just another marketing term for casual?
    In most cases it's usually just another marketing term for CRAP.
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