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    Default Grossmith's missing fragrance

    Although have re-launched the three fragrances from the beginning of the 20th century, they sadly have not revived White Fire, which came in a red Bakelite bottle, and reminds me of Zadg by Emilio Pucci, which I am lucky to have.

    I would so love to smell White Fire again, it was the the first perfume I bought for myself

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    Default Re: Grossmith's missing fragrance

    My mother loved White Fire and it was something she always had many years ago. She would like to see Grossmith re-release this too.
    She also liked Love Affair by Goya, Memoire Cherie (no idea of perfumer), something called Black Iris (no idea of perfumer), Desert Flower by Shulton and Wild Blue Anemone possibly Bronnley?

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