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    Post Gucci by Gucci Sport

    I just tried Gucci Sport today. Up until now, I have never liked anything with the word sport in it! But I think I like this stuff. Have any of you tried it. I can't find it in the directory, so I think it's new. According to an article I read its top notes are: grapefruit, mandarin and cypress, heart notes are: fig zest, cardamom and juniper berries, and basenotes are: vetiver, patchouli and ambrette seed. It came across to me as fresh, wet, and happy! I'd like to hear what you think about it.

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    What I think of it? As generic and as disappointing as many other 'sporty' colognes I've tried. Don't bother with the name or house. Just pick the one easiest on your pocket -nobody will be able to tell the difference anyway. In fact I'm thinking of asking the BN community to help distinguish one 'sport' scent from another.

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    The notes sounded nice enough, but ended up not liking it at all. I quite like the original except for how light it seemed
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    The term 'Sport' as associated with any fragrance means nothing other than the manufacturer wants to make more money from ya. Except in rare occasions where the fragrance is truly sporty, meaning it does not smell like 'perfume' (dressy, special occasion, extravagant, stuffy, sneezy, erotic, sensual, etc).

    For all intents and purposes, there is NOTHING sporty about Gucci by Gucci Sport. Just a marketing ploy, period dot. Bold statement, I am aware, but it is my opinion It is generic and not worth the money.

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    I did not like it - at all.
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    Hey, if you like it, power to you. There's somebody for every frag!

    That much said, I have to be honest - I was disappointed by the sport version on this fragrance. I like the original quite a bit (that one is not terribly popular here, either), but I found the Sport just too weak for me. I liked the smell - still fairly similar to the original, with interesting differences. But it faded on my skin almost immediately, and even on cloth, it didn't work for me - just too faint.

    I know what you mean by the "fresh, wet, happy" thing. I have the shampoo and aftershave for the original EDT, and I get some of that when I use them all together. It's a nice morning scent for me.
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    I sampled this in a store about a month ago. Although for the life of me I can't remember what it smelled like, I do remember liking it. I remember liking it because I was expecting not to like it.

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