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Thread: Creed house!

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    Smile Creed house!

    Hello everybody,

    I have been a lurker on these forums/website for a really long time. I finally caved in and bought Creed Silver Mountain Water! I must say, this is probably the most freshest beautiful scents i have ever smelled. I was with two female friends and they really really loved the scent. I have many many many colognes and this is by far my favorite one now. I feel instantly in love with the smell!

    My question is, if i really like Silver Mountain Water, would i really like Creed Aventus? I'm going to sample it this weekend! If i like it, i'm going to buy a flacon! haha

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    I like Silver Mountain Water but dislike Aventus. The only way you're going to find out if you like it is by testing it. The only thing to my nose that they share in common is that metallic freshness.
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    I don't like to wear fresh fragrances, but Silver Mountain Water is excepted. I read Aventus reviews. It's Chypre Fruity, and probably darker and stronger, with leather, oakmoss and bergamot notes.
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    They're very different. Aventus is a Pineapple/Apple experience.

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    I don't find either to be FBW, but your results may vary. It may depend on how they work with the weather in Abu Dhabi.
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    Silver Mountain Water was an instant hit with me when it first came out and it's something I still use on and off. As for Aventus, I thought personally it was one of the worse Creed offerings I've smelt to date, but as with any perfume you need to sample it for yourself and let your nose be the judge, rather than go on someone elses opinion of it.

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    Creed's Royal Water is closer to Silver Mountain Water than Aventus. Try it first. It's very nice stuff.

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    SMW was/is an extraordinary experience. Nearly Holy Grail for me.

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    A second vote here for Royal Water.

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    SMW is a great choice. It`s my ultimate casual summer scent for realy hot sunny summer days!

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    When i first started getting into fragrances SMW was the first to really WOW me. After a year of constantly going back to my sample and shop testers i finally got a bottle and its never out of my rotation.
    Strangely i've sampled many other Creeds and they don't do anything for me at all (inc.Aventus).

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    You should sample it. Women tend to like it on me, but I can barely smell it after an hour or so. I think I'm in the minority with that problem, but it's worth mentioning.

    They are quite different scents.

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    l'm not familiar with SMW, but if you like fresh frags have you tried Virgin lsland Water? As of today l am now the proud owner of a full bottle of this, my first Creed! lt's totally the wrong time of year for it here in the UK, but l had to have it! lt's a gorgeous, fresh, tropical frag, definitely unisex, & come next summer l will be wearing it A LOT. l'll probably be sniffing it a lot during the winter too, to remind me of summer days on the beach, *sigh*.
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    I love SMW, and feel like a total fanboi for recommending it so much. I have a sample of Aventus, and while it's a different animal, I think it's fantastic. I got my sample from The Perfumed Court....highly recommend you check it out for yourself.

    A couple that share a similar backbone but are great, fresh scents in their own rights are Milliseme Imperial and Original Vetiver.

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    Im also in Abu Dhabi. Where are you going to sample it? I have not been able to locate it and my understanding is that its yet to be released here.


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    While I like SMW, I love Aventus. It's one of Creed's better offerings in my opinion. However, I'm finding it to be rather erratic in longevity. Sometimes it lasts through most of the work day, other times it's gone in 30-60 minutes, often it's 2-4 hours before needing refreshed. That defect aside, it's an excellent juice.

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    So, i sampled Creed Aventus today. Though i'm in love with SMW, Aventus is pretty damn good also! I'm thinking about maybe buying it. I'm going to continue sampling it the next couple of days. I only used 2 sprays today. Seemed to last 4-6 hours on my skin so far.

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