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    Default Fragrance Bestsellers

    Adg and Le Māle are probably the best selling colognes over a period of the last 15 years. What reasons do you see they derived their popularity from?
    Is it because
    - of the marketing and the sales support?
    - that they're "easy likeable"?
    - of the laziness of some customers? e.g. "I know Acqua di Gio and Le Māle are good, my friends wear them".
    Or do you think their sense of smell isn't as developed as the more experienced user?

    The reason I ask this is that personaly I can see why they are ahead of the charts. IMHO they simply smell good (and that's my main criterium for buying a cologne) plus they really seem to be succesfull if you wear them for getting positive feedback from others (which is always a good thing in my book).
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    Default Re: Fragrance Bestsellers

    I think you answered your own question...all of the above. However, I have not tried Le Male and I have a bottle of AdG that I haven't touched in 10 years...haha!
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    Default Re: Fragrance Bestsellers

    Indeed, they seem to be bestsellers in almost any European country

    But then again, their supremacy may be challenged- at least, partly- due to Basenotes, since awareness about increasingly popular niche houses might eventually overturn the figures

    Even so, the most likely counter-argument to that is that " the majority of customers will still prefer a frag which smells decent, gets compliments, doesn't hurt the skin, is relatively popular and quite affordable". But, even beyond the confines of Basenotes I'm starting to perceive a mild but steadily increasing tendency that "niche is becoming the new mass-market", in terms of popularity, sales and beyond.
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    Default Re: Fragrance Bestsellers

    Im gunna be completely honest, im surprised le male is a best seller for one reason:

    on paper, its not very appealing at all. I know fragrance nuts like us know better, but for the average person that doesnt know alot about fragrance that goes to macys and buys a cologne primarily off smelling different scents on paper(which make up for a huge percentage of the people that make le male a best seller), im surprised its a best seller.

    ADG is a best smeller simply because lets face it, it smells very good and unique to alot of people and ladies love it and tell thre man they love it and the marketing even to this day that its already a best seller is phenominal.
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    Default Re: Fragrance Bestsellers

    You know, I have to admit now that practically everybody smells again of Le Male (the Terrible it is), I mostly enjoy it. It's an ingenious and haunting creation IMO and the Terrible is Le Male reloaded practically.

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