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    Default Anyone order from

    I always noticed they had perfumania's at malls and they have quite reputable perfume. I decided to see if they had a site, which they did. Surprisingly you can order online from them, and they even have FREE shipping and no minimum price for that. I wanted to order Black XS which to my surprise, i found cheaper then all other online retailers. Along with the 20% off that they give for free, and free shipping, its only 36 dollers.

    Anyone have experience if perfumania's online shop is good?

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    Default Re: Anyone order from

    Funny that you mention this. I just noticed the same thing with the pricing of Black XS, too bad I bought a short while ago, could have got the bigger bottle for the same price I paid for the 1.7oz!
    Never personally ordered from them online, but I've bought a few fragrances from them in the last few months and have had positive experiences there every time in different locations. If I remember correctly, they have a warehouse where they ship from, so even if you live close to a Perfumania, you probably won't get it shipped to you super fast, since I'm assuming they don't pull from store stocks like some online retailers do. One thing to keep in mind is that you will probably have to pay sales tax, as Perfumania retail locations are located in most states. Either way, mostly likely that will cost you less than any shipping cost you would get elsewhere.
    I'd go for it!

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    Default Re: Anyone order from

    perfumania is great if their prices aren't jacked up. ie 60$ for dreamer 3.3oz in stores when I can get it for 35 $ shipped 3.3oz. Other than that if you find a deal go for it.

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    I have had very good luck with them. My sister orders from that website also. We are both pleased with their service and the fragrances are authentic.

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