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    Question Is Salalah Green still available?

    I absolutely LOVE this fragrance, particularly since it is so vastly different from other Amouage scents. I sprayed it on after a shower today. Not sure, but the cops must have picked me up doing the fox trot down the street. Since I already have "issues," they let me go, lol.

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    Default Re: Is Salalah Green still available?

    Hmmm, first I'm hearing of this one. It appears to be a Harrod's exclusive. Unfortunately I'm not much help, though I'd love to try it. Perhaps someone else has it or is near Harrod's and can check?
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    Default Re: Is Salalah Green still available?

    I purchased a decant of this from and if my finances would allow, I'd buy all they had. It was (is) a limited edition and yes, it was sold at Harrod's, according to it's description. My absolute favorite green fragrance now. And it lasts all day. It isn't a citrus type either, just a purely wonderful, wearable fragrance.

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