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    Default Opium formulations and packaging

    After trying the recent reformulation in the new bottle of Opium (not pour homme) I realized I needed to get at least a small 50ml bottle of the old formulation. Can someone possibly link me to a comparison of the old releases and there packaging?

    Also does anyone know if the Opium 'Collectors edition' bottle that's black with a flower motif is the old EDT formulation?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Opium formulations and packaging

    There are three bottlings (but probably many more formulations) of the Opium EDT. The original, circa 1977:

    The 2003 revamp, coinciding with the release of the Eau de Parfum (in the gold box):

    And of course, the latest offender, circa 2009:

    The black collector's edition bottle you're referring to came out in 2006, I believe, and (one assumes) is the same formulation as the 2003 edition.

    From what I've gathered reading umpteen online discussions of the topic, the 2009 formula differs dramatically from the 1977, but less so from the 2003. Opinions vary as to just how much Opium has changed/suffered over the years.

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    Default Re: Opium formulations and packaging

    No, the 1977 bottle doesn't look like the one above. The original bottle was encased almost entirely in cinnabar-colored plastic with just a small circular "window" through which you could see the liquid. A black tassle was threaded through the bottle cap. A quick search for "vintage opium" on fleabay should bring up at least a couple of photos.

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