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    Default Our new site...

    Hi guys,

    How is everyone doing? Hope all is going well. I'm not sure if this is off topic as we have just finally complete out website and still on the testing phase. I have been running some test on the site and it seems like it's still running a bit slow to me. Can you guys check out our new perfume site and tell me from your end if the site is running slow. Also what do you guys think of the site? Any comments will be appreciated.

    Here's the link to our site:


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    Default Re: Our new site...

    Not too bad at loading the pictures in for me. Your weekly sales page gives an 'The page cannot be found' error, but other than that, not bad at all

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    Hi Craig,

    Well it seems to me that the loading time is taking about 2-3 second, which is a lot slower then most e commerce site. Is that normal to have a site loading at 3 seconds? The weekly special page has not been linked yet. Once the site goes live then I will link it to that week special.


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    Yes, it is slow to load. So slow, in fact that I would probably give up on it and go to the site of one of your competitors. Of course, I am not a very patient person.
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    Hi Doc Elly,

    How long was it taking to load? To me it seems like it was taking 2-3 seconds. Was it taking longer for you?


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    I just wanted to tell about a great experience with this site. Very fast handling and nice communication and the (discontinued) perfume was in great shape. Thanks a lot!

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