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    Default passing on vintage deals...

    how do you live?

    last visit to the bargain bin i buy cheap vintages from they had...
    l'arte de gucci
    paco rabanne la nuit
    cartier must (not sure which gender but it was brown, most likely the women's)
    signoricci 2
    ysl pour homme
    eau sauvage
    escada for men
    paco rabanne metal
    ck escape

    i didn't buy anything because i was sick at the time and my nose was clogged. i couldn't smell the escada. so which should i come back for?

    the last 3 sort of intrigue me. i'm not sure if the paco was the men's verson but it came in a tin canister like a shiny version of 212. ck escape might be horrible to some but i'm on a 90's kick lately. as mentoned the escada caught my eye as well but i may already have too many of the heavy hitters.

    edit: anyone have a clue as to whether paco rabanne metal cam in a 212 like cannister? i can't seem to find the bottle design on the net but i'm still looking.

    kinda looked like this but the girl said it was pr metal...

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    Default Re: passing on vintage deals...

    I think only Paco Energy comes in that bottle. And Escada for Men (do you mean Escada PH?) is still widely available I believe

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    Default Re: passing on vintage deals...

    thanks for the reply! yeah i saw the paco energy bottle too but it didn't say anything like energy's bottle does. these had no boxes or cases though. the one above is just paco by paco rabanne... i'll have another look see when i'm feeling better. if it's ck1-ish as reviews say i might get it.

    yup escada ph with the 2 ee's, if it was ever reformulated this bottle would be an original formula. but yeah i know it's not discontinued. i just don't see it around these parts. do you like it?

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    Default Re: passing on vintage deals...

    pr metal was the answer to CK One. It came out at the time that such unisex scents were becoming popular.
    Nice store you have available to you. I wish I had such stores around for vintage finds.
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    Default Re: passing on vintage deals...

    k the more i look at paco rabanne bottles on the net i don't think it was metal. maybe this...

    i think it's a silver bottle of energy. it says it was released in 1998. paco by paco rabanne was 1996. it's probably either of the 2. reviews of both are not that stellar anyway.
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    Default Re: passing on vintage deals...

    I would go for the L'Arte di Gucci if it is still available and you have no aversion to rich rose fragrances with civet. It is a great one and hard to find these days.

    Most of the others are still in production or relatively easily found. But of course, if you get a great price, then go for something else as well.

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    Default Re: passing on vintage deals...

    thanks noggs wow sounds awesome and yes i have no aversion to stinky flowers.

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    Default Re: passing on vintage deals...

    There is a local discounter here that stocks up quite a fair bit of vintage stuff (I got my 1973 Mitsouko from them). Everytime I go there, I'd spend at least an hour just sniffing around. There are just too many that I want to take home. So yeah, I understand how tough this must be for you.

    iirc I had that metal can Paco Rabanne in 2000 - got it free & threw it away 'cuz it was way too sharp & synthetic.
    I might also consider Eau Sauvage if I'm collecting the classics but I find YSL pH a little dated without offering anything particularly distinctive.

    And I would get the L'arte di Gucci EDP for the bottle alone:-

    LArte de Gucci.jpg

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    Default Re: passing on vintage deals...

    I have a bottle of the Escada PH EdP. Can't say I really love it, maybe its because I don't wear it often

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