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Thread: creed dilema

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    I got a saks gift card for about 25 bucks and was thinking of what Creed item I should get, I was thinking either original vetiver deodorant or another tube of green irish tweed after shave. Open to suggestion .Thanks.

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    Maybe there is a 1oz. "special occasion" type fragrance you would like to have, that a flacon or 4oz would be overkill?

    For example, I like VIW, but it's something I would only wear very occassionally in the summer (nice party, wedding, etc). You are certainly much more a Creed expert then I, but maybe they have a fragrance you have been on the fence with for this reason?

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    Yeah, definitely put it towards a bottle of juice.

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    Thanks for the advice gentleman, I will have to think about some things.

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