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    Ive never done a perfume blind buy but the existence of a Pure Malt sub-forum convinced me!

    Ordered it from nordstrom, should be here in a week. Cant wait. Is it like a scotch smell or a rum smell? I like rum smelling scents. I have White Cristal - Straight to Heaven by Kilian on now.

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    not rum, more scotch whiskey.

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    Congratulations corruptedsanity!

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    smells like my................................................ ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabystie View Post
    smells like my................................................ ..

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    I hope you like it. It's opening and middle notes are more like the puke of someone who drank too much whiskey. I hated it. The final drydown is fine...just like A*Men. So I'll just stick with that one. I still want to try Pure Coffee, but I am much more skeptical now that I tried and hated Pure Malt.

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    I liked Tuscan Leather & Purple Patchouli & Wonderwood . I like unique smells. Like a concentration of a certain scent such as Pure Patchouly from Bois 19201 or Vetiver from Guerlain. I also kinda like the smell of scotch so im assuming I will like Pure Malt.

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