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    Default Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    I am in Los Angeles this week for work, and had the opportunity to meet up with some wonderful Basenoters.

    On Sunday, I spent the day in Beverly Hills with arwen_elf, Asha and Astaroth. We hit the three big stores there – Barneys, Saks and Nieman Marcus. I tried the new L’Artisan Coeur de Vetiver Sacre, which I really liked. I got a sample of it to test further - but feel this could definitely be a not too distant in the future purchase. I was very underwhelmed and disappointed with Diptyque Eau Duelle, which just ended up being a very light vanilla fragrance. I also tried Guerlain La Cologne du Parfumeur. This was very nice, but it reminded me a lot of Mugler Cologne – which I already own. We ended up all having a very nice late lunch/early dinner at the Barneys rooftop restaurant, where we chatted about fragrances and other things.

    On Monday, I went to Scent Bar with arwen_elf, Socalwoman, browneyes776 and StylinLA. I felt like I hit the jackpot! There was so much great stuff to sniff and sample. To me, the standout fragrance was Masion Francis Kurkdjian Absolue pour le Soir – which I ended up purchasing. I tried several Xerjoff fragrances – Odon, Nio, Dhofar, Kobe. I thought they were “nice”, but nothing spectacular. I got a bunch of samples of some fragrances I want to do further testing of including Masion Francis Kurkdjian Absolue pour le Matin, Andy Taeur Une Rose Vermeille and Eau d'Epices, and Mona di Orio Les Nombres d’Or Cuir and Ambre.

    After Scent Bar, StylinLA had to return to work. So the rest of us headed to Fred Segal. They had several fragrances on sale, including the Six Scents series. I tested all of the Six Scent fragrances and ended up purchasing two of them: Six Scents Series One - Fragrance 3: The Spirit of Wood and Six Scents Series Two - Fragrance 3: Solar Donkey Power. We then had a delicious lunch at Fred Segal, compliments of socalwoman (thank you again). We were surprised by socalwoman and browneyes776, who had brought goodie bags full of fragrances for us to choose from. I ended up walking away with a few things including a decants of Roja Dove Enslaved, Caron Tabac Blond EDP and MDCI Invasion Barbare, as well as a partial bottle of Caron Narcisse Noir EDT. It was very generous of them to do this – and I am greatly appreciative of it.

    I want to send a special thank you to Astaroth and arwen_elf, who acted as my chauffeurs during my visit. It was very gracious of them to do that – and again I greatly appreciate it.

    I look forward to my next trip to Los Angeles, and to spend some more time with the new friends that I made while I was here – and maybe even some other Basenoters if they are available.
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    Default Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    What a great meet up Joe, Arwen, Asha,StylinLA,Astaroth,Browneyes and Socal Woman . :) Thanks for sharing. I also love Absolu Pour Le Soir J !
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    Default Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    Thank you petruccijc. I had great fun on both days. I want to mention that petruccijc and StyleinLA got a sneak preview of Sartorial from the wonderful Scentbar staff. Absolu pour le Soir is perfect for petruccijc. It smelled divine on him.

    On Sunday Asha and I arrived before the guys and spent a lot of time at L'Artisan counter in Barneys. We missed F. Malle, who had been in the store on Saturday. We also tried the new by Kilian, which I find very femenine and pretty I sprayed a test strip and today it was still going strong. We also tried the new Bond No. 9 perfumes, but they did not make a big impression. At Saks we saw the Dior re-issues of the classic Diors: Diorella, Diorissimo, Dioressence and the exclusive to Saks Diorama. They also had a tester of Miss Dior (not the Cherie version).

    The only disappointment is that we could not find a tester of Guerlain Ode a la Vanille or the new Dandys, but we tried Vega and it is a very nice old school perfume.

    The vetyver that petruccijc liked so much from L'Artisan is exclusive to Barneys. I can't remember in which store we found both the EdP and EdT versions of Midnight in Paris. I liked them both and will get samples. I think Asha got a sample from a somewhat reluctant SA at Saks. Petruccijc and Astaroth spent some time at the Creed counter and the Tom Ford counter at Saks, then we moved on to Jo Malone, where petruccijc found something special...

    Lunch/Dinner was very good, I did not even know there is a restaurant on top of Barneys. It was nice to relax and eat after smelling many, many perfumes. I had not seen Asha since June (long time for us) and I think I had not seen Astaroth in almost a year and it was great to meet petruccijc.

    What can I say about Scentbar, well, it is one of my favorite places and it was special to meet SoCalWoman and BrownEyes for the first time and see StyleinLA and petruccijc again. They had all the newer releases right on the counter(FMKs, Andy Tauer, Keiko Mecheri, Mona di Orio). We tried different Penhalions, etc. I tried Bas de Soie, but did not like it. I think we filled the store with test strips. As petruccijc mentioned we tried the MFKs first, another popular bottle was Like This (although I think petruccijc already owns it and promised to wear it on Thanksgiving). We also had a chance to test all the CdGs we wanted, their selection is incredible. We also tested some Micalefs, Heeleys, MPGs.

    I loved the Solar Donkey Power name and it smelled good on petruccijc. I had never been to that Fred Segal and it was nice to see the store and lunch was tasty (thank you SoCalWoman, you are so generous). The store had a great selection of Molton Brown shower gels and now I am regretting not getting a Pepper shower gel. They also had some nice specials on candles. The store is very eclectic with clothing, shoes, books, perfumes, frames and a cafe. I also enjoyed the gifts of fragrance from SoCalWoman and BrownEyes. I came out with some very nice Miller Harris oils, a mini of Lipstick Rose, a Slatkin candle, VCA samples, and Angels of Florence, which was sold to raise funds for the retoration of buildings in Florence after a flood.

    After two days of friends and fragrance it was very hard to get back to work today

    A week ago we had 100 degree weather and petruccijc came to cold rainy days, which are rare in LA. Hopefully the weather will improve before he goes back home.

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    Default Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    Wow, nice to hear these LA stories -- quite a few BNers managed to converge in some pretty special places. I envy your trip to Scent Bar! But the best part about these meet-ups, I know from the recent one in San Francisco, is getting to meet face-to-face with people you know from BN.

    Ironically, I briefly lived in W Hollywood, just a short walk from Fred Segal -- and I guess Scent Bar, too, if it was there already in 2003 (?). But at the time my interest in fragrance was mostly dormant except for the occasional splurge on scented soap.
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    Default Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    Thanks for sharing this with us! Always surprised how organized -- despite the popular belief! -- our CA contingent is, first SF and now LA. I was wondering where JoeP was -- usually he posts his SotD before me.

    Now if Asha starts posting again, it would be really great!
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    Default Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    ScentBar! That's a dream destination! Especially to enjoy it in the company of such esteemed basenoters ~ LUCKY!

    I hope to make it out West someday...thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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    Default Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    Wow! I missed it, I just found out this thread today! Well i have to check the female forum more often... Maybe for the next one.
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    Default Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    How cool!

    Go petruccijc, inspiring meet-ups around the globe!
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    Default Re: Los Angeles Basenotes Meetup - October 3-4, 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulSC View Post
    Ironically, I briefly lived in W Hollywood, just a short walk from Fred Segal -- and I guess Scent Bar, too, if it was there already in 2003 (?).
    Actually, The Scent Bar wasn't around until late 2005. I think at that point, Franco and Adam might not have even been thinking of having a brick-and-mortar location for their business. I'm not even completely sure that they were even selling online at that time. Anyone know?

    It was good to finally meet Joe, and it's always fun to hang with arwen_elf and Asha. Sunday was a fun day, as it usually is when a bunch of us get together to go smellin' around. It's too bad we didn't have time to hit some of the stores around the corner on Rodeo Dr (e.g. Chanel, etc), but it was still a pretty full afternoon.

    I think out of the Dior we sampled, I liked Dioressence the most. I was tempted, once again, to spring for Creed Original Santal ... but resisted. One of these days I'm sure I'll just buy it. It just wasn't that day.

    The place where I really felt tempted was at the L'Artisan Parfumeur counter at Barneys, where I was really enjoying Al Oudh. This is one of the better ouds I have smelled in a while. I liked it more than Le Labo Oud 27. I was actually surprised to see that Le Labo had started placing their offerings in other locations. I've seen them now at both Barneys and The Scent Bar.

    We spent a lot of time in the Men's Fragrance section of Neiman Marcus, but there were only a few things there that I really liked. I reminded myself of how much I still like Jean Paul Gaultier Le Mâle. (OK, go ahead, slap me around for it. ) It's hard to believe that it's been around for 15 years. I also decided that John Varvatos Artisan Black is not as good as the original Artisan (which I really like). Another scent which underwhelmed me was Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria. It didn't really come up to the level of previous offerings, such as Fico di Amalfi. Later moving down to the first floor, I gained a bit more appreciation for Tom Ford Noir de Noir, which somehow had gotten under my radar in the past. I've also decided that I like Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin.

    Like arwen_elf, I also didn't know there was such a good restaurant at the top of Barney's. Excellent deli food. The salmon was delicious, as was the borscht. And, as expected, we closed down the place.

    I'm sorry I couldn't make it Monday. I thought I'd have some time, but as usual the powers that be decided otherwise. I always love going to The Scent Bar, and I'm sure they have a whole bunch of new things there by now.
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