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    Default Help me decide on a perfume, for me


    For my birthday I was surprised with the perfume budget of 200$, but I can add more too it from my personal savings too ofc.

    Now I have the wishlist but faced with the monetary possibility of actually buying one of the more exclusive and expensive perfumes I don't know what to do.

    Tabac Blonde? Orio? The Party? I both smelled the Party and Orio in London some time ago but I have a sample of Tabac Blonde ( but no idea of its age).

    I loved Orio but do I need another jasmine heavy floral?

    Tabac Blonde feels like it's a sister of Bandit( and this is good) since I get a bit bored of Bandit but want something close to it.

    The Party was wonderful, but how often will I wear it?

    I also want to get a few more Etat Libre scents. Should I blind buy Like This? Go for a leather one from Etat? Or decide on familiar territory and buy Charogne? I have some samples of this house so no surprises there.

    There is just too much choice it seems and I've been wondering about this for weeks now.
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    Default Re: Help me decide on a perfume, for me

    Coromandel by Chanel

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    Default Re: Help me decide on a perfume, for me

    I'd say get The Party.

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    Default Re: Help me decide on a perfume, for me

    I second The Party !
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    Default Re: Help me decide on a perfume, for me

    Just get the damn Yatagan.
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    Default Re: Help me decide on a perfume, for me

    I say get one you LOVE, don't make a compromise. Ergo, if you are in doubt about one, it's not the one you should be buying. And I would very much advise against a blind buy (especially in this price range).

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    Default Re: Help me decide on a perfume, for me

    Are you referring to The Party in Manhattan by The Party? If so, that would be a good choice, it's a very beautiful and classy scent. The Garden Party florals are pretty nice too, I've tried Frangipane and Wistaria, so far. It might be a good idea to get a sample of The Party in Manhattan and wear it for a few days, to make sure it's something you want to spend $275 on. Good luck deciding, it's a wonderful problem to have .
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    Default Re: Help me decide on a perfume, for me

    How fun! Lian, it sounds like Tabac Blond and the ELDOs are fumes you're most likely to get a lot of wear out of from your list. I vote for Tabac Blond, but make sure you smell it in its current formulation before you pull the trigger. I love it to pieces but it is apparently wa-a-a-ay different than the original.
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