I received a small sample packet today from Liz Zorn at soivohle.com and she included a small sample vial of Meerschaum absolute along with my other things. I am not a "nose," not by a long shot, but this is a revelation. It's smoky, deep, VERY autumnal (fallen leaves, wet wood, etc.) and ever so slightly sweet. But it's not a sugary sweetness. An extremely sentimental odor which, if it was part of a dark oriental or incense type fragrance, would probably be the catalyst that would set the perfume on fire. It is wonderful!! Meerschaum is redolent of campfires and cold winds, cozy wafts of home as you walk through the snow, and incredibly beautiful. The smell that hits you as you walk through the door when it's frigid and windy outside. I don't know what Meerschaum is or where it comes from, but this absolute is absolutely amazing.