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    Default My trip through 20+ fragrances for the first time

    I'm 25 & virtually new to this. I've had a few small bottles of fragrance that I wear once in a blue moon. Eddie Bauer Adventurer, Adidas Adrenaline & Adidas Moves...stuff that was given to me as gifts.

    I'm taking a tour de fragrances in hopes of getting a decent bottle or two now that I'm in the dating game again. I work from home but go to the gym so I guess I am mainly looking for a decent scent for the dates, occasional night out (bars but not clubbing), and perhaps the gym (though I never try to pick up women there).

    Armed with almost 20+ samples, here's what I've tried so far along with my very unprofessional descriptions...

    YSL L'Homme - seemed pretty feminine & almost powdery for the first hour from what I recall. I was later told that this is the #1 male perfume that women purchase (it may have just been for that store though?) so no wonder. They had a sign showing that it is the #1 selling male fragrance at the Sephora I was at. Smelled pretty nice after a few hours. Not bad as a beginner's fragrance.

    YSL Kouros - strikes me as aftershave-like? in a way. very strong. clove, oakmoss, incense...none of these notes did anything for me for the first few hours. I could picture the scent working for a big athlete for some reason (random) or it might work if going to the club. Very masculine for the older gents, too. Strange that it just hit the 4.5 hour mark since I put it on & I kind of like it where it's at right now.

    Lacoste Essential(?) and D&G Light Blue - My buddy that I saw over the weekend had these so I sprayed on each wrist. At first I liked the D&G, then after a half hour, I liked the Lacoste (a bit more bold, spicier?), then after they both dried, I preferred the D&G. Neither one wowed me though I did find myself putting my nose to the D&G more than any of the others I had tried here thus far.

    Nautica Blue - Really didn't care for this one at all. I remarked to my friend "soapy!" after I sprayed it on.

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    Default Re: My trip through 20+ fragrances for the first time

    Other samples in hand/coming in the mail...

    Marc Jacobs Bang (smelled too peppery in the store but I took it home anyway because it was prepared already)

    Acqua di Gio (have never put this on my skin believe it or not)
    Armani Code
    YSL La Nuit
    JPG Le Male
    Azzaro Chrome
    Bleu de Chanel
    Allure Homme Sport
    Rochas Man
    L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme
    Terre D'Hermes
    Ferragamo Pour Homme

    Realistically, probably won't be able to afford these Creed fragrances but for the fun factor anyway...

    Silver Mountain Water
    Millesime Imperial
    Green Irish Tweed

    Seems like I've covered the gamut here with aquatics, woody, spicy, gourmand (if I'm using this term right). Any notes I should check out that I'm not capturing here? Should be a fun few weeks.

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    Default Re: My trip through 20+ fragrances for the first time

    I didn't notice a chypre on the list, nor an oriental like JHL. And how about a pine, such as Green Jeans or Pino Silvestre? Then there are strong tobaccos, like Michael for Men by Kors.

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    Default Re: My trip through 20+ fragrances for the first time

    Sounds exciting, I'll give you a very important tip though, go easy when you're new. When I got into those hobby, I bought 1 out of 10 bottles I tried. I just bought anything I "Liked", now I have to purchase what I love. Also, the smaller the better; if you're getting into this you'll wound up having more than you'll ever wear. So while it might seem more economical to buy the larger, cheaper per ml bottle, it's better to go small in the long run. And most SA's don't have a clue, and just want to push a product. L'Homme is a top seller among women when it comes to male fragrances? I've never met a woman who bought that, no way. I'd think that title goes to 1 Million, but hey maybe it's just that store.

    Anyway, as for your perfumes, Kouros sounds fantastic, try to find one of the summer editions or tattoo, they're much better but are limited editions. Body Kouros is also a wonderful gourmand, basically Le Male more masculine and complex.

    I also like Allure Homme Sport, La Nuit, Armani Code, Terre d'Hermes and Bleu de Chanel from your list. As for the creeds, even if you love one, don't drop your money there, creeds might be a surprise when you're new, but they're basically average fragrances pumped up a little in the quality department. Not unique, complex or of that high quality, not even long lasting. If you're going for a $100+ bottle that's still not so expensive and gives you the most bang for the buck in terms of uniqueness, strength and complexity, look no further than Serge Lutens.

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