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    Default Playboy colognes

    Anyone try? saw at store but couldn't sniff any

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    Default Re: Playboy colognes

    I think I smelled one a while back, I have tried so many colognes sometimes they are all a blur but it wasn't anything memorable. I usually avoid these "popular" brand name colognes.

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    Default Re: Playboy colognes

    My friend had the white one in his car I believe. It smelt just ok, fresh, a little fruit, and all that not so memorable but just "ok" stuff. Exactly something you'd keep in the car, Unless you don't mind keeping a $200 bottle in there.

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    Default Re: Playboy colognes

    yuck. for tools.

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    Default Re: Playboy colognes

    Probably like the Adidas ones, which means they might be decent for the price but nothing worth spending any time thinking about if you are an aficionado who has done a lot of sniffing. If they sent me a free sample I'd try them, but that's about as far as my interest goes. The reason is that I know they won't have the richness, conplexity, balance, and naturalness I'm looking for.

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    My collegue in office uses them. He probably had whole line and they actually smell really good on him, with great sillage. I tried Vegas (red one) myself but couldnt stand that synthetic first hour. Later on drydown it wasnt that bad but its nothing I'd crave to have. My mother liked it very much tho.
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    Default Re: Playboy colognes

    I saw a gift set of this at a dollar store. I believe that you could get 4 different mini bottles for 10 dollars. This sounds like a dilemma to me. What kinda guy wears a bottle of cologne worth $2.50?
    I guess this would be a gift idea for high school kids, but wouldn't you get funny looks buying your nephew a playboy cologne gift set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kxe003 View Post
    yuck. for tools.
    I got to resmell them recently and they smelled like crap.

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    Default Re: Playboy colognes

    Quote Originally Posted by kxe003 View Post
    yuck. for tools.

    and I have sh!t like grey flannel in my collection

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    Default Re: Playboy colognes

    I purchased the Hollywood- it was 15 bucks so I just went for it.

    It is so sweet that it almost sickens you at first. And it doens't last long or project far. But I actually have a good thing to say about it: I went over a girl's house with this, we watched a few movies, snuggled...

    So of course when you are snuggling the girl's head will be resting on your neck/chest. She caught the smell of this and buried her head in my neck.. And texted me after saying she was going to wear that shirt to school the next day because it smelled so good.

    I was a bit surprised...

    If I could compare it to anything: A (REALLY) cheap version of Armani Code. If your really strapped on cash I guess I'd go get it- but if I was in your shoes I'd go grab Givenchy Play Intense or Armani Code instead. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Playboy colognes

    nice story

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