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    Default OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I must say that I am intrigued by this. Washing with a combination of Castor oil and other oils. Adherents claim that it not only leaves skin very soft and moisturized but also removes impurities and blackheads.

    Anyone every try this? Does it really clean well?

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I've been using only oils for a couple of years, and my skin looks and feels better than ever! It does clean well and leaves the skin in excellent condition. Our skin is fairly absorbant, and I believe that nutricious, natural oils are like whole foods for the skin.

    In the past I've used skincare from brands like Chanel, Shiseido, Kanebo, Estee Lauder and others. Their products generally smell and feel good, but they didn't make a difference for me. Maybe not so strange if you decipher their long lists of contents. They are typically filled with water, mineral oil, vegetal oils, silicones, moisturizing agents, preservatives and other chemicals and botanical extracts to varying degrees (often too little to have a meaningful impact). This is like junk skin food.

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    One oil that may be extra beneficial for skin is macadamia oil, since it contains omega 7 which is important for firm, healthy skin. We do have the ability to synthesize omega 7 from other fats ourselves, but that conversion often gets inefficient as we age.

    It's a good idea to eat a few macadania nuts or use a tablespoon of macadamia oil daily (or some other omega 7 rich food). You can also use the oil on your skin.

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I've been using oil to remove makeup at night for a couple of years. I use extra virgin olive oil mixed with castor oil, but only because it's the only one I happened to read about and I was too lazy to do any other research. I used to have cream cleansers for removeing makeup. IMO the oil cleanses at least as well as the cream and much better than a foaming cleanser. I can't say I have seen any dramatic improvement in my skin but it isn't any worse plus this is natural.

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    Wow, thanks! Tott you really seem to know your stuff. Tott and dark dreamd, you make this method sound worthwhile, esp. since you have done it a while!

    I take evening primrose and hemp seed oil. But I don't honestly know if they contain fatty acid omega SEVEN, or some other, less-good omega-number. I also eat lots of cold-pressed evco; I put in my shakes.

    I'd hardly mind eating extra macadamia nuts, though. I love them!

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    Oh, I just searched omega-7, which appears in macadamia nuts and sea buckthorn oil, and is rarer than omegas 6 and 3 -- which are the 'typical' offerings in most efa products.
    Apparently it is good for skin structure specifically, so I shall have to get some next time I go to the health store!

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    You should definitely try it. And let us know how it works. I did not mention it but I don't do the whole hot towel over the face thing because I don't believe heat is good for the skin. So I can't recommend that part.

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I do it off and on, averaging once or twice a week. Wish I could bring myself to do it more consistently.

    I use a mix of castor oil and sunflower oil, and after I do it, my skin is clear and has a healthy tone with no redness. The benefits seem to last a day or two. I have a feeling consistent use would produce results well worth the effort!

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I'd try adding some carrot seed oil to your oil blend - it's well documented to help rejuvenate skin and prevent aging. There are a number of other essential oils that can help, too: lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, blue yarrow, etc.

    You can get a great cleanser with far more natural essences than anything you can find at the store, far less expensively.

    One product I recently started using after showers is Derma E Tea Tree Moisturizing lotion. I could probably make something similar myself for less but I am lazy . It's a blend of tea tree, lavender, rosemary, and other oils in a slightly moisturizing base. The smell is medicinal but fades quickly - it seems to have reduced blackheads and breakouts noticeably, and feels nice and tingly when you put it on, to boot.
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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I made myself a blend of about 25% cold pressed castor oil, 25% Jojoba oil, & 50% hemp seed oil. I also added a couple drops of tea tree oil and roman chamomile oil.
    I did the whole thing with the hot towels and did notice it cleaned deeply and pores look very tight. But my skin feels VERY dry. I will cut down the castor bean oil, which is what I have read. And I will stick with it.

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    Tea tree can be very drying. I'd either formulate a separate "deep cleanser" with the tea tree, or use it in very small portions or just leave it out altogether.
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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I agree with the tea tree oil being very drying. Plus, even with the oil cleansing you still need to use moisturizer, at least I do.

    Can you guys suggest a natural cleanser for the morning? An exfoliating one would be best.

    I recently tried to make one with brown sugar mixed with a little leftover solid cleanser from Lush (Black Angel or something), on top of which I poured some olive oil and tea tree oil. I am thinking of also adding some aspirin. Although it works OK as an exfoliator, it is not good at all as a cleanser as it leaves the skin oily and you need to use toner afterwards. And I think toners usually have alcohol.

    So, if you have any suggestions, I would appreciate them. Not necesarily home-made stuff. I just want something natural that is not difficult to find.

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I've been using for about two years now. Mine is 30% castor, 69% grapeseed oil, and 1% essential oils. I have oily skin which is why I use the grapeseed rather than olive oil.

    The way I do it is to massage the oil into my face & neck, leave it for 20 minutes then put a steaming hot wrung out wash cloth over my face til it cools and wipe off the oil. I do this twice (some say to do it 3 times) and my skin (plus my eyelashes!!) look so much better.

    It could be the oil, it could be the massaging, it could be the steaming and it could be the combination from all of them but my skin is a lot better with the ocm method than anything else I've used.

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    Thanks SOS & DD, I am planning to try it without the tea tree oil.
    Indeed I read about it, and it's really drying and even irritating to some. My skin is already dry and super sensitive, so I think that was my mistake.
    I just know how great it is on cuts and scrapes, etc. My son uses it on his legs in summer, and gets no bites!!

    Elusivek, thanks for another long-term testimonial! And welcome to basenotes!

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    Thanks for the welcome

    You really have to tweak this to your own skin. I have oily which is why I am at the percentage I am with the castor & why I use the grapeseed oil. Have you tried it with the castor at 20% or 15%? Have you tried it with olive oil? You should never use more than 1% of EO (more like .05%) in facial formulations. The blend should be enough to draw out the impurities without drying out your skin.

    If you're planning on putting the crushed aspirin (salicylic acid) be prepared for dry, irritated and flaky skin if you over do it.

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I've been using the method consistently for almost a year and my whole life have been heavily prone to clogged pores. For me, the method does not remove them (or make em miraculously pop right out as I've read in some internet testimonials) but I have noticed a significant decrease in new plugs and my skin feels good.

    Originally I used the EVOO/castor oil mix with the steaming wash cloth but I found that combination too dry and flaky. Not sure which part of that caused the flaking. I never really felt like the EVOO and castor oil soaked into my skin- also tried jojoba oil and felt the same.
    But I've also experimented with other oils and liked the results better- which made me stick with the method. I found a pre-made "Kikui Nut" oil blend at the health food store. I like the consistency, smell, and skin absorbtion. Also experimented with Tamanu Oil (as seen on Dr Oz) and like that a lot. Recently I started using a blend of Tamanu oil, laminaria (seaweed) oil, and emu oil. There's a pre-made mix of these three called Glow oil which has gotten good press from Kat James (holistic health and beauty guru) but it's around $40 an ounce.
    I made my own blend because I already had Tamanu oil and was curious about the other oils individually and collectively.

    I certainly feel better about using this method than so-called "natural" products full of silicones, glycols, and preservatives.
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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I like the idea of using nut oils on the skin. I may do that too (such a lemming here!).

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    Default Re: OCM Oil Cleansing Method. Any Testimonials?

    I am currently in the process of changing my entire skin-care and make-up routine (extremely tedious!) after some pretty drastic changes in my skin. Right now I'm experimenting with safflower oil, which is supposed to be non-clogging and good for both oily, acne-prone and dehydrated skin, using the hot washcloth method every night.
    It is certainly no fast miracle cure, but it seems to be clearing my face up, while lessening signs of dehydration, and I don't seem to be breaking out from it, which feels like something of a miracle in itself at this point. I will probably try adding castor oil, lavender and/or tea trea oil to the routine, too.

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