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    Talking Une Fleur de Chanel

    What's your take on Une Fleur de Chanel? Is it worth a try for a guy? I know its a matter of what oneself like but there are "extremities" of feminity like for example Coco Mademoiselle. And please dear hardcore members of Basenote, dont get upset about this thread. Im just trying to get a picture of the fragrance and I'm really curious to see if it may work. It is discontinued and therefor there are no samples in stores and its a kind of expensive if one want to buy it.

    I know that there will be negative reactions on this thread because of all the recent threads about men who wear feminine marked fragrances and women who wears masculine. But please take a look at my wardrobe and see that I'm dont stick just to the masculine marked fragrances.
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    It's been a gazillion years, but I remember trying it at a Chanel counter in a department store, and I thought at the time that it smelled a bit like tea rose, green & floral, very pretty and rather soft, probably the way one would imagine a camellia would smell, if a camellia had a scent. I liked it (I liked it better than Gardenia). That's my memory of it from a long time ago. I hope you get some responses from people who have a more recent experience of it.

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