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    Question Projection and Sillage: What's the difference?

    I've seen both of these terms used to describe frags but I'm not sure I know the difference, if there is even a difference, but I have my own ideas at what they mean to me. What do people commonly mean by them?

    To me projection is how far a scent radiates off the skin. So whether someone standing next to you or 10 feet away can smell it. Sillage to me means how long the scent hangs in the air. So it will stick around in a room after your gone or leave a trail behind you as you walk. Am I pretty close?

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    Default Re: Projection and Sillage: What's the difference?

    So either I hit it on the nose with my understanding of it or everyone else is just as confused about these two terms as me.... or nobody cares enough to try and enlighten me....hehe

    Also I put this here cause I felt it was a general question yet I can't help but think if I put it in the male fragrance section this thread would have been replied to at least once.

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    Default Re: Projection and Sillage: What's the difference?

    You're right on the mark. You'll find a discussion of the two terms in this thread.

    And I like how you say "radiates off the skin." Luca Turin uses the word "radiance" instead of "projection" in The Guide.
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    Default Re: Projection and Sillage: What's the difference?

    Yep, you got it right. Now technically, or scientifically, they're basically the same thing i.e. they're just fragrance vapor. Honestly I don't think a fragrance could have one without the other. It's more of different terms to describe different impressions. Most people like the idea of a scent trail over the idea of the having a pulsing aura of fragrance when they're just standing so they'd use the term silage, but silage is basically just projection staying in the air for a while even if you've left the area.

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    Default Re: Projection and Sillage: What's the difference?

    Hey, thanks for that link Mr. Bon. I guess I could have used the search function as I typically do but this time just blurted it out, in thread form that is. I see a few others have similar descriptions as I do so I get a bit of comfort knowing my intuition isn't to far off.

    Thanks again for the replies both of you. I really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Projection and Sillage: What's the difference?

    Sillage comes from the french and it literally means "the wake of a ship", in perfumery sillage is the "wake of a scent" if you get my drift.
    What Pepe LePew leaves behing is sillage, get it?
    Projection is what people around you perceive of the scent, As you can see they are two different concepts.
    For projection you have to be there so the scent can be felt by others, while for sillage, you do not, somebody passing by will leave a wake and you smell it after he/she is gone.
    Although they are intimately related, some perfumes may have a great projection and poor sillage and vice versa.
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